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Government Media Strategy Needs Reform too

The culture of “We don’t have time to reply for every lies” has to stop as the damage those lies  entails on the country, the people and on the Government is getting beyond Repair.

By Sam B.,

Now that the tempest in a teacup, the imaginary coup d’état, that was perpetrated over the internet by crackpot “journalist” with little respect for facts or context, is over, we as Eritreans have to reflect, yet once again, over the fact that we are being held hostage by western propaganda machines that masquerade as news agencies.

As Eritreans we have to recognize the fact that our media delivery system has for all practical intents and purposes failed. This fact was effectively once again demonstrably clear today. None of what are called “our” media outlet, or websites with sufficient reach, had anything to say on the events unfolding back home or the lies spread through the internet. All the narrative was set for us by the enemy propaganda machine. Continue reading Government Media Strategy Needs Reform too