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Sudan President Lauds Firmness of Relation With Eritrea

President Al-Bashir lauds his country's relation with Eritrea
President Al-Bashir Affirms Firmness of Sudanese-Eritrean Relations

By Sudanese Foreign Ministry,

President of the Republic, Field Marshal, Omer Al-Bashir has affirmed the strong relations linking Sudan to Eritrea, lauding the level of cooperation in all domains .

This came when the President met, Thursday, at his office, at the Council of Ministers, the Eritrean Finance Minister, Mr. Berhane Habtemariam, in the presence of the Finance Minister, Badr Edeen Mahmoud .

The Eritrean Minister said the meeting discussed the strengthening of cooperation between Khartoum and Asmara, the increase of trade volume and the development of trade between the two countries. Continue reading Sudan President Lauds Firmness of Relation With Eritrea

TPDM Deputy Chairman Lashes Out Over Mola Asghedom Defection

The renegade General Mola Asghedom after crossing the Eritrea Sudanese border with his handful of fighters.

By TesfaNews,

Mola Asghedom’s sudden defection to Ethiopia through Sudan has become a hot topic of discussion among Ethiopians but the conflicting reports that emerge on the possible causes and number of fighters that accompanied the rebel leader are getting yet controversial.

According to the Ethiopian government statement, the total number of fighters that crossed into Ethiopia through Sudan exceeds well over 700. The announcement also described Mola’s move as a Great Victory. The statement further mentioned the return of Mola Asghedom to Ethiopia was a result of the constant secret contacts he established with the Ethiopian intelligence for over a year. Continue reading TPDM Deputy Chairman Lashes Out Over Mola Asghedom Defection

TPDM Chairman Mola Asegedom Defected to Sudan

By TesfaNews,

Mola Asghedom, Chairman of the Tigray People’s Democratic Movement (TPDM) and Deputy Chairman of the newly formed coalition movement known as the United Front for the Salvation of Ethiopia through Democracy (ሃገር ኣድን ንቅናቄ) have reportedly escaped to Sudan through the border town of Hamdait with a handful of soldiers.

However, ESAT reports indicates that Mola Asghedom in fact defected to Ethiopia. The reason for his escape / defection is not yet known. According to ESAT sources, though, it could be resulted from major differences and disagreements that started to evolve in the process of forming the coalition with Arbegnoch Ginbot 7 for Unity and Democratic Movement (AGUDM), Afar People’s Liberation Movement (APLM), and the Amhara Democratic Force Movement (ADFM). Continue reading TPDM Chairman Mola Asegedom Defected to Sudan