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Explosions Rock Nairobi; Tourism Sector ‘on its Knees’

After a spat of attacks in different parts of the country by Islamist militants in retaliation for Kenya’s intervention in Somalia, countries like the U.S., UK, France and Australia issued a series of travel warnings.  President Kenyatta said, “We all have a responsibility to bring these attacks to an end. Tourism has been greatly affected by these terror activities. The industry which contributes 10 % to the GDP is virtually on its knees.”

Kenyan government expressed "disappointment" and has accused countries that are telling tourists to stay away of traveling to Kenya as "unfriendly acts".
Kenya tourism sector lost Sh5 billion following cancellations made between October and May 2014 owing to the travel advisory issued by the four western nations. The government called it “unfriendly acts”.

By Jason Straziuso,

TWO bombs exploded in a market in Kenya’s capital on Friday, killing 12 people and injuring 80 as hundreds of British tourists were evacuated from a coastal area where Islamic extremists have operated.

Nairobi Police Chief Benson Kibue, who announced the casualty figures, said two improvised explosive devices detonated in a market area near downtown Nairobi with one bomb damaging a mini-van used for public transportation.

TUI Travel, which owns the British tourism companies Thomson and First Choice, evacuated customers on flights Thursday and Friday and canceled all flights to the coastal city of Mombasa until October. The British government had urged British citizens to leave Mombasa and nearby beach towns.  Continue reading Explosions Rock Nairobi; Tourism Sector ‘on its Knees’

Westgate Questions and Kenya’s Misled Media

NYPD report sheds light on mall attack misinformation, while new laws bring the press in line.

NYPD report suggests the four Westgate Mall attackers may have escaped during the mall chaos

By Aljazeera,

The world looked on as al-Shabab gunmen stormed the popular Westgate Mall on September 21 in a brazen attack for what the group said was retaliation for Kenya’s military operations in Somalia.

As the crisis unravelled over the next three days, Kenyans’ despair turned to puzzlement as increasingly befuddled government ministries and officials contradicted each other over the situation. Continue reading Westgate Questions and Kenya’s Misled Media

Kenyan Soldiers Busy Looting Westagte During Mall Attack

Not difficult to imagine what these soldiers could do to the poor Somalis during their two years adventure in Somalia if they just does such to their own people and government

Busy Looting? That might explain why the siege dragged to four days and night.

By The Globe and Mail,

Kenya’s military, embarrassed by mounting evidence of large-scale looting by soldiers during the terrorist attack on the Westgate mall in Nairobi, is appealing for public help to identify and punish the looters.

“The Ministry of Defence is committed to get to the bottom of this matter,” the Kenyan military said in a statement on Thursday after a crisis meeting of top defence officials. Any soldiers found guilty of looting “will be firmly dealt with,” the statement said.  Continue reading Kenyan Soldiers Busy Looting Westagte During Mall Attack

Ethiopia Should be Ashamed of its Eritrea Allegation

“Like a broken gramophone, Ethiopia’s Foreign Ministry resuscitates the worn-out lie of Eritrean support to Al-Shebaab at every juncture.” – Yemane G. Meskel

For the Honorable FM Tedros Adhanom, Eritrea is to blame even for a volcanic activity in Chile. Get him a Life!

By Ibrahim A. Ibrahim,

It has been the nature of Ethiopia to link Eritrea in any event that hearts the people and countries of the region. This inhuman savage act against civilian atrocity that took place in Nairobi is disgusting and unspeakable from one of the high ranking officials in Ethiopia to bring such an accusation at this time when the Kenyans are mourning their losses.

If the Ethiopian foreign minister thinks this is the right time to play a political ploy against Eritrea at this sad time it is magnifying how much short sighted the regime is. I think this is the time that countries in the whole region should have come together hand in hand to prevent such heinous act of terror not to happen again in any country. Continue reading Ethiopia Should be Ashamed of its Eritrea Allegation