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Eritrea and Japan Ink Higher Education Pact

This Cooperation agreement aims at improving the quality and capacity of higher education in the three out of seven colleges in the country: Eritrea Institute of Technology, Hamelmalo College of  Agriculture and College of Marine Science and Technology

“Japan to fully fund project for Improving the Quality and Capacity of three Eritrean Higher Education Institutes” – Dr. Tadesse Mehari

By Embassy of Eritrea – Tokyo,


At no time in the history of Eritrea has it needed assistance in education than it does today. This is because of the rapid expansion of this sector in the past few years following the opening up of many tertiary institutions all over the country to cater for the rising demand for education and training of the youth.

Before 2003, the only institution of higher learning in Eritrea was the University of Asmara which was established in 1958 by Italian missionaries. Continue reading Eritrea and Japan Ink Higher Education Pact