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Abiy Ahmed’s Reforms Have Unleashed Forces He Can No Longer Control

Prime minister Abiy oversaw reforms and the release of prisoners. His amnesty may now be coming to haunt him.
Ethiopia’s prime minister oversaw the chaotic release of thousands of prisoners, including many ethnonationalist militants. His amnesty may now be coming back to haunt him. (PHOTO: MICHAEL TEWELDE/AFP/GETTY IMAGES)


Former comrades in arms described retired Brig. Gen. Asaminew Tsige, who was shot dead on June 24, as a mediocre soldier and a poor administrator. Asaminew was gunned down by government forces two days after allegedly masterminding the assassination of three senior officials of Ethiopia’s Amhara state, including its president—events labeled part of “an orchestrated coup attempt” by the Ethiopian prime minister’s office. Continue reading Abiy Ahmed’s Reforms Have Unleashed Forces He Can No Longer Control

Celebrating Eritrea’s Military Service and Veterans

Honoring Eritrean veterans is a historic responsibility of the current Eritrean generation

By Amanuel Biedemariam,

It is easy to argue that all Eritreans in and out of Eritrea are veterans. Nearly every Eritrean has taken part on liberating and defending Eritrea in one form or another.  This article however, will focus on those veterans that struggled to liberate and defend Eritrea.

Eritrea is very connected to the martyrs that died to liberate and defend the nation. The martyrs of Eritrea are honored in a manner that they deserve. However, the idea of honoring Eritrea’s veterans has so far been, one can say, not addressed with the urgency it deserves. Continue reading Celebrating Eritrea’s Military Service and Veterans

Lies About Eritrea: ‘Tiny’

The Endless Lies About Eritrea should Come to a Complete Stop!

We Eritreans must thwart all false portrayals of our country by the main stream media

By Red Sea Fisher,

The Lie: In relation to most nations, Eritrea is relatively small.

The Truth: According to the CIA Factbook, Eritrea is the 101st largest country in the world, making it larger than about 60% of all countries on the planet. Eritrea’s area is larger than that of Israel, South Korea, Austria and Denmark. However, unlike these nations, Eritrea is often called “tiny” in a high proportion of articles written about it.

Additionally, as the quotes below illustrate, the tiny label is never found in a vacuum and is always accompanied by other negative misrepresentations (e.g. “Eritrea’s not known for much except good coffee“). Continue reading Lies About Eritrea: ‘Tiny’