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A Response to the CBC Fifth Estate Program

mark-kelley of the fifth estate
Why the fifth estate’s program about Nevsun and Eritrea should serve as an embarrassment to the so called “investigative journalism”

Obituary – The Death of Journalism

By Araia G. Ephrem,

Dear Mark Kelly and the Fifth Estate:

I watched The Fifth Estate presentation titled “Dealing with a Dictator” aired on February 12, 2016. Obviously, you are a new add to Fifth Estate and it shows you have a lot of learning ahead of you.

I am writing my observation to you and CBC Fifth Estate who produced the piece. I will not try to defend Eritrea, because Eritrea’s formidable track records are intact and doesn’t need any defense. Do you know why? Because Eritrea staunchly and adamantly stays off the “Food Aid” and follows “self-reliance” as a principle of pragmatic governance. Continue reading A Response to the CBC Fifth Estate Program