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Newsweek: Fake, Fluff and Fiction

“Newsweek seem intent on serializing negative narratives by rabid TPLF lobbyist; Eritrea’s track record of combating terrorism is impeccable” – Yemane G. Meskel, Minister of Information.

The once revered magazine, Newsweak Newsweek has lost its appeal and degree of respect … courtesy of its tabloid like cheap productions. (inset: Eritrea fake news peddler Conor Gaffey)


The once venerable weekly magazine owned by the Washington Post Company suffered a precipitous decline and was sold to the digital news company International Business Times (IBT) in 2010.

Today, the iconic brand has lost both its reputation and reach and looks like it is more concerned about increasing page views, by producing sensationalized stories, than producing factual news reports. Just like its sister the IBT Times, Newsweek has been churning fake reports about Eritrea, with hopes of adding to its readership. Continue reading Newsweek: Fake, Fluff and Fiction