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Gettn’ Down With Ethiopia’s Thugtators!

guard of honor for Obama
Do you really want to know how the “Black Caesars” of the TPLF rock and rolled with Il Padrone, the Godfather, in the house? (AFP/Getty Images)

By Prof. Alemayehu G. Mariam,

GET down, like James Brown! Dances with the stars? Dances with wolves? How about dances with thugs! The Godfather of Soul, or as his fans call him J.B. (R.I.P. J.B.) had a song called, “The Boss”. It’s a cut on the soundtrack album for the movie “Black Caesar”.

The movie is about an African American man who joins the New York mafia and becomes the head of a black crime syndicate in Harlem. Continue reading Gettn’ Down With Ethiopia’s Thugtators!