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Congressman Urges US to Reconsider Ethiopia Aid

mike coffman Ethiopia Aid
Congressman Mike Coffman said that if the regime ignores the resolution as well as the call for independent investigation by the UN Human Rights Council, then the U.S. should use its aid leverage until the regime ensures the human rights of the Ethiopian people.

By ESAT News,

The United States should use its leverage to ensure that the Ethiopian regime respects the human rights of its people, Congressman Mike Coffman said on Monday.

In an exclusive interview with ESAT, Congressman Coffman, who represents district six of Colorado, where thousands of Ethiopians call it home, said that if the Ethiopian government ignores the resolution by the US and also by the UN Human Rights Commission, then “Congress should find additional tools to use.” Continue reading Congressman Urges US to Reconsider Ethiopia Aid

Ethiopian Feyisa Lilesa Wins Silver at Rio Olympics, Now Seeking Political Asylum

With the eyes of the world upon him, Ethiopian marathoner Feyisa Lilesa used the stage of Sunday’s Olympic marathon in Rio to daringly protest his own government’s brutal killing of the Oromo people back home. (Olivier Morin/AFP/Getty Images)

By TesfaNews,

When he crossed the Olympics marathon finish line, Feyisa Lilesa raised his arms to form an “X.” Most of those who watched Lilesa’s spectacular silver medal performance didn’t know what that meant — or just how dangerous a protest they were watching.

That gesture is a peaceful protest made by the Oromo people, the largest ethnic group in Ethiopia, 35 million, that has long complained about being marginalized by the country’s government. He was protesting the Ethiopian government’s brutal killing of hundreds of his Oromo people in response to widespread protests that began late last year. Continue reading Ethiopian Feyisa Lilesa Wins Silver at Rio Olympics, Now Seeking Political Asylum

TPLF Forces Killed 140 Oromo Protesters: HRW

Where is the AU? At least 140 peaceful Oromo protesters have been killed since November and the African Union that is based in Addis Ababa so far speak-no-evil, see-no-evil, and hear-no-evil.

By TesfaNews,

Human Rights Watch said Friday that Ethiopian sources killed at least 140 people and wounded many more in what the group says “may be the biggest crisis to hit Ethiopia since the 2005 election violence.” The rights group’s new estimate is nearly twice the death toll it estimated last month.

The protesters say the government plan will lead to a loss of autonomy and marginalization for Oromo people living on the outskirts of the capital.

Human Rights Watch (HRW) also called for the release of an Oromo politician arrested last month.

The government has accused Oromo protesters of links with terror groups.

Last month, officials said five people and an undisclosed number of security personnel had died in the protests.  Continue reading TPLF Forces Killed 140 Oromo Protesters: HRW