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Salva Kiir’s New Lobbyists in Washington

U.S. Lobbying firms working to improve U.S. - South Sudan relation
Two U.S. Lobbying firms in the service of improving U.S. – South Sudan relation

By Africa Intelligence,

As the American government has distanced itself from South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir since the military-political crisis broke out there, the government in Juba decided to take on the services of two lobbyists in the United States.

The purpose is to improve Juba’s image with the Americans and put its viewpoint on the negotiations now under way, with African mediation, between the South Sudan government and former Vice President Riek Machar’s rebel movement.

On 5 March, Minister at the presidency Awan Guol Riak hired the services of K. Riva Levinson’s firm KRL International to develop communication with “the American government, the community of international donors, the media, NGOs and multilateral institutions” in order to support “The Republic of South Sudan government’s efforts to consolidate peace, reconciliation and development priorities”.  Continue reading Salva Kiir’s New Lobbyists in Washington