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Is the Honeymoon Over for Prime Minister Abiy?

Is the new PM in charge as a leader? Does he have the clout and respect, and not just love from the people, from the various political parties, factions and the military or is he being influenced and manipulated by domestic or international groups?

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s rise to power has been as fascinating as it has been fortuitous. But he has not been without his faults, which is quite dangerous in this time of transition, writes Dereje Gizaw, for Fortune.


Having started from within and having learned the ropes in the embrace of EPRDF politics, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) has had a spectacular rise to power. He is considered by many Ethiopians as a saviour and healer who will save the country from its demons and from destroying itself. He is a young and charismatic leader revered by his supporters, a person who rose to power, on many levels historical and timely. Continue reading Is the Honeymoon Over for Prime Minister Abiy?