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South Sudan Agrees to New Regional Protection Force

South Sudan peacekeeping
President Salava Kiir has given the go-ahead for the deployment of a 4,000 strong regional protection force recently mandated by the UN Security Council. He has also agreed to implement a hybrid court to investigate war crimes.

By VOA News,

Facing intense international pressure, war-ravaged South Sudan on Sunday agreed to the deployment of a 4,000-member regional protection force approved last month by the United Nations Security Council.

Sunday’s decision by President Salva Kiir, who in August rejected more peacekeepers, came a day after the 15-member Security Council visited the capital, Juba, to press senior officials for approval of the new force. Continue reading South Sudan Agrees to New Regional Protection Force

Riek Machar Scores Full House in Nairobi

Rebel leader Riek Machar came over as a virtual head of state during his diplomatic tour of the region’s capitals.

Kenya’s red carpet reception to the rebel leader was an insult to the sitting president Salva Kiir

By Africa Intelligence,

SOUTH Sudan’s rebel leader Riek Machar had arrived in Nairobi from Djibouti on 27 May. He put back his trip to Khartoum because of President Omar al Bashir’s long-term health problems and had talks with President Uhuru Kenyatta, Cabinet Secretary for foreign affairs Amina Mohamed Jibril as well as an impromptu meeting with Vice President William Ruto.

His trip was sponsored by the secretariat of the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD), much to the dismay of the Juba authorities.

Riek Machar received a great many visitors luxurious Safari Park Hotel in the Nairobi suburbs where he took up quarters.  Continue reading Riek Machar Scores Full House in Nairobi

Eritrea Denies Backing Insurgents in South Sudan

“The ‘preposterous lies’ behind Eritrea’s alleged support to South Sudan rebels are deliberately peddled for two reasons: to portray Eritrea as a”regional spoiler” in order to maintain the unlawful sanctions and the other is for the relentless defamation campaign to keep Eritrea “constantly on the defensive” and thereby eclipse the issue of occupation.” – Yemane Gebremeskel, Director of Eritrean President Office

South Sudan deeply thanked Eritrea for its support to the people and Government of South Sudan during the current crisis in the country. Yet, Eritrea’s avowed enemies are busy disseminating preposterous lies accusing Eritrea for supporting”rebels” in a proxy war in the region.

By The Economist,

Event: Eritrea’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has denied allegations that it has been militarily supporting South Sudan’s rebel leader, Riek Machar.

Analysis: The suggestion that the Eritrean government was backing the rebel movement led by South Sudan’s former vice‑president, Mr Machar, was dismissed as a “preposterous lie” by the foreign ministry in a statement released on March 10th.  Continue reading Eritrea Denies Backing Insurgents in South Sudan