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Scream of an African

Arise Mother Africa, learn from your daughter Eritrea!
Arise Mother Africa, learn from your daughter Eritrea!

By Daniel Wedi Korbaria,

ARISE Mother Africa, since your nightmares are irreversible.

Get up you have other guests to receive. They have come to heal you, saying you are suffering from a contagious disease and lacking human rights vitamin. Mother Africa, they say that you have become inhuman. More than being the most malnourished continent in the world – where hunger kills more than all other diseases – they also say terrorism is too devouring you with metastases of evil rapidly spreading everywhere.  Continue reading Scream of an African

Foreign Investment: Eritrea, Mining, Development, and the Resource Curse

‘Eritrea is free from corruption and has a clearly set-out legal framework which is followed to the letter.’ – The Fraser Institute

By Fikrejesus Amahazion,

SEVERAL days ago, the Fraser Institute released its annual Survey of Mining and Exploration Companies. Since 1997, the Institute, headquartered in Vancouver and ranked by a University of Pennsylvania study as “the top think tank in Canada,” has conducted an annual survey of mining and exploration companies to assess how mineral endowments and public policy factors such as taxation and regulation affect exploration investment.  Continue reading Foreign Investment: Eritrea, Mining, Development, and the Resource Curse

Eritrea’s Minerals: Blessing or Curse?

Mining is a major sector in Eritrea, but we would like to make sure that Eritrea does not become a one-sector economy“-Woldai Futur

“90% of the 1800 employees are Eritreans working willingly on above the national average salary”

By Jenny Vaughan (AFP),

BISHA, Eritrea — In a vast pit of red earth, white stone and green ponds, excavators unearth precious copper in Eritrea’s first large scale commercial mine.

In its third year of production, Bisha mine — endowed with gold, copper and zinc — is Eritrea’s first major international investment, and one that promises enormous profit for the impoverished Red Sea state.

Despite criticism by rights groups — who say large scale mining props up a hardline regime accused of a raft of abuses — authorities hope the mine will draw investment in other industries to help boost Eritrea’s otherwise struggling economy.
. Continue reading Eritrea’s Minerals: Blessing or Curse?