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Mealti Sematat: Eritrea’s Memorial Day

Eritrea honors its Martyrs with pride
Eritreans honor their Martyrs with pride. As we remember our martyrs, we also honor our veterans since honoring our veterans is honoring the struggle and the sacrifice made for Eritrea.

By Bereket Kidane,

LATER this month, Eritrea will observe ‘Mealti Sematat’ (Memorial Day) for its fallen heroes. Mealti Sematat has become as sacred as the ancient Muslim and Christian religious holidays celebrated in Eritrea. There is a certain sanctity to it.

Collective responsibility is a fundamental principle of Eritrean society. In Eritrea, the idea that we are all responsible for each other and for protecting the country’s sovereignty permeates every aspect of Eritrean life. It is particularly evident on Mealti Sematat because Eritrea being a small country everyone has experienced a personal loss, the country shuts down and people use the day to reflect and pause to honor their fallen heroes. Continue reading Mealti Sematat: Eritrea’s Memorial Day

The Powers of an Eritrean Identity

An Eritrean identity is like an emblem of heroism earned through sacrifices with blood, sweat or soul and nothing in between!

By Amanuel Biedemariam,

WHAT are the measuring sticks of Eritrean identity?

The answers should and must always be engrained deep into the minds and hearts of every Eritrean. Because that is the reason Eritrea exists as a nation today; the reason Eritrean Flag stands amidst the flags of nations at the United Nations and everywhere Eritrea chooses to be; the reason why Eritreans can proudly carry identity cards and passports recognized globally; it is the reason why Eritrea celebrates Independence Day, for a nation that millions call home. It is the reason why Eritreans are Eritreans affirmatively!

Eritrea owes her existence to those that sacrificed their lives, limbs and livelihood, her martyrs. Hence Eritrean identity is measure by the highest sacrifice. It is measured by the commitment, selflessness dedication, hard work, can-do attitude, heroism and sacrifices. It is measured by the bravery and will-to sacrifice before brethren for one cause, as Victory for The Masses was true during the liberation struggle as it is true today in the nation building era of Eritrea’s existence. It is measured by the sweat and blood of mothers that toiled for decades to support their nation with all that they had. It is measured by the countless life that passed to bring a nation and safeguard sovereignty. Continue reading The Powers of an Eritrean Identity

We Are Eritrea, An Exception to the Rule

A Signature on the floor? In the land of a Can-Do people, “what if” is turned into “what is,” and “what could be,” is transformed into “what it’s going to be”.

By MYTH2014,

THE story of Eritrea is one of exception; not only does the tale recount the history of a nation, it is a unique compilation of the stories of exceptional individuals.

Our history has illustrated that Eritrea, the land of the free, and home of diversity is made up of individuals who make history. Only twenty three years old, Eritrea has made enormous strides in its pursuit of becoming a truly independent, self-reliant country. From education, to health care, to infrastructure, the country’s ongoing growth and development exhibit an indomitable spirit and the resilience of a hard-working people.  Continue reading We Are Eritrea, An Exception to the Rule