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‘Wedi Senafe – ወዲ ሰንዓፈ’: Dr. Samuel Mahaffy

“I will stand with the people of Eritrea as long as I have a voice”- Dr. Samuel Mahaffy

As per his wishes, Dr. Samuel Mahaffy (ወዲ ሰንዓፈ – 1952- 2016) was recently laid to rest in his childhood town of Senafe.


Samuel Mahaffy (Ph.D.) was born to an American family in Asmara on August 21st, 1952. He grew up in the beautiful small town of Senafe. His childhood, much of which was spent in the diverse communities of Eritrea, shaped his identity. Continue reading ‘Wedi Senafe – ወዲ ሰንዓፈ’: Dr. Samuel Mahaffy

Celebrating Eritrea

Eritrea deserves to celebrate. Celebrate also the cause of self-determination and the right of a people and nation to chart their own course.

By Dr. Samuel Mahaffy,

ON MAY 24, 2015, Eritreans around the world will celebrate the 24th Anniversary of Independence Day.

Eritrea deserves to celebrate. The struggle for Independence came at great cost and sacrifice. There is hardly a family in Eritrea that has not lost a loved one as a martyr for the cause of freedom.

But, the struggle for Eritrean Independence did not end on the day the Eritrean People’s Liberation Front (EPLF) moved into Asmara declaring a free Eritrea. In the ensuing decades Eritrea has needed to be vigilant in the face of great opposition from a consortium of nations seeking to undermine the hard-won freedom of Eritrea. Continue reading Celebrating Eritrea

A Passionate and Reasoned Plea to End Sanctions against Eritrea

An Open Letter to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon

There is a fundamental and urgent need to re-evaluate the sanctions against Eritrea. An objective evaluation of the United Nations sanctions against Eritrea will inevitably lead to the conclusion that the sanctions are unjust, a detriment to the cause of peace in the region, and a wholly unwarranted burden on the people of Eritrea.

To Your Excellency:

THE United Nations sanctions against Eritrea are causing undue harm and hardship to the people of Eritrea. I plead the case to immediately end sanctions against Eritrea that are unjust and counter-productive to the cause of peace in the Horn of Africa.

While United Nations sanctions are ostensibly sanctions against the government of Eritrea they are causing undue suffering and hardship to the great people of Eritrea. In my nonprofit work with a practicing Eritrean physician, it has become evident that the United Nations sanctions against Eritrea are creating a great barrier to access to essential medical supplies and equipment.  Continue reading A Passionate and Reasoned Plea to End Sanctions against Eritrea