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Voices from the Other Side – Eritrea (Part II)

A Journey to find out how Eritrean Ministers are looking at the future. (Photo: Johan Persson)

By Martin Schibbye and Johan Persson,

Swedish journalist Martin Schibbye and Photographer Johan Persson have traveled to Eritrea in April 2016 to explore the truth about Eritrea, the people and its leaders. This is the second part story in a series of three reportage from Eritrea. The other two parts can be found here.

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High above the valley—above the fog underneath the clouds—it’s like Eritrea’s intense history has taken a deep breath and holds it in. Not all slogans of the Eritrean Tourist Ministry hold up, but that a trip from Asmara to the port city, Massawa, is a journey of “two hours and three seasons” turns out to be true.

The road is snaking from the top of the mountains, clearing an elevation of 2,500 meters down to the sea. It’s a cinematic landscape. The thermometer on the dashboard of the car quickly increases from +25 degrees Celsius to 35. Continue reading Voices from the Other Side – Eritrea (Part II)