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Ethiopia at an Ominous Crossroads: Amb. Cohen

full implementation of Article 39 of Ethiopia constitution to avoid the current crisis
Ambassador Herman Cohen calls for the implementation of Article 39 of the Ethiopian constitution within the full meaning of the term “self-determination” to get Ethiopia out of the current crisis.


Article 39 of the Ethiopian Constitution states: “Every Nation, Nationality and People in Ethiopia has an unconditional right to self-determination, including the right to secession.”

This Constitution was adopted in 1994 and ratified in 1995. Between that year and the present, the “right of self-determination” among the country’s nine official “states,” within the official federal system, has never been implemented. Continue reading Ethiopia at an Ominous Crossroads: Amb. Cohen

Kenya Hosts Peace Talks Between Ethiopia and the ONLF

After the September and October 2012 peace talks ended in stalemate, the parties resumed a third round of talks in the Kenyan capital.

By Abdi Ahmed,

PEACE talks between the Ethiopian government and ONLF has officially resumed in Nairobi, said Abdirahman Mahdi, ONLF head of foreign Affairs.

Speaking with the BBC Somali Service, Mahdi said the objective of their talk with the Ethiopian government is to end the conflict of the region and to get the Ogaden Somalis for their right of Self-determination. Continue reading Kenya Hosts Peace Talks Between Ethiopia and the ONLF

Ethiopia Illegally Detains 5,000 Oromos in the Past Four Years: Amnesty

The Ethiopian regime, led by the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), is engaged in systematic destruction of the Oromo social fabric. It is committing, at times, acts of genocide against the Oromo people to forcibly suppress their demand for self-determination. (Photo: Hundreds of detained and shaved Oromo students at a certain concentration camp)

By William Davison,

ETHIOPIAN government illegally detained at least 5,000 members of the country’s most populous ethnic group, the Oromo, over the past four years as it seeks to crush political dissent, Amnesty International said.

Victims include politicians, students, singers and civil servants, sometimes only for wearing Oromo traditional dress, or for holding influential positions within the community, the London-based advocacy group said in a report today.  Continue reading Ethiopia Illegally Detains 5,000 Oromos in the Past Four Years: Amnesty

Scotland Referendum: Important Lesson for African War Mongers

When Eritreans were denied of their right for self-determination, they waged an armed struggle that lasted for 30 years and finally won their freedom that few thought could be won. With determination they are winning the peace too. In contrast, Scottish people are on the process to determine their right to self-determination with out firing a single bullet. What lessons Africans, especially Ethiopians, can draw from what is taking place in Scotland?

By Bruh Tesfa,

NEWS are circulating around that Scotland is holding a referendum to decide whether or not to secede from United Kingdom. While respecting the people’s wish on how to run their land, British Prime Minister Cameron is reportedly offering some attractive incentives for Scotland to remain part of United Kingdom, the details of which has yet to be revealed.

What does this news have to do with Eritrea, one may ask. And it is a legitimate question which deserves explanation. On this piece an attempt will be made to compare and contrast the referendum that was held by Eritrean people in 1991 to that taking place in Scotland today.  Continue reading Scotland Referendum: Important Lesson for African War Mongers

Open Letter to Special Rapporteur Ms. Sheila B. Keetharuth

A call for a balanced, unbiased and fair representation of the views of all Eritrean stakeholders in her upcoming report

By Eritrean Professionals Network (EriPN),

The Eritrean Professionals Network (EriPN) is an organisation created by professional Eritreans in the UK to serve the Eritrean community in diaspora as well as promoting and enhancing technology and knowledge transfer between Eritrea and the host country with the view to making tangible contribution towards the long and complex nation building process.

EriPN identifies a real structural economic transformation as being the most critical factor in raising living standards of Eritreans and through its direct involvement, EriPN strives towards making positive contribution to the economic and social development of the nation and thus creating an environment where basic human values and human rights are respected in Eritrea from within and without.  Continue reading Open Letter to Special Rapporteur Ms. Sheila B. Keetharuth