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Eritrea: SFECO to Build New 134Km Adi Guadad-Akordet Highway

Ground-breaking ceremony for the first phase of the 30Km central Habela-Cheatat section of the new 134 Km Adi Guadad-Akordet, two-lane asphalt Road held today in Habela.


The first phase of the construction of the Adi Guadad-Akordet, two-lane, 134 km new asphalt road was launched at a ceremony held today, 11 November in Habela.

The first phase of the construction of the new road by Chinese Company ‘SFECO’ is expected to be accomplished within two years and will cover 30 km from Habela to Cheatat.

At the launching ceremony in which Mr. Hagos Gebrehiwet, head of the PFDJ Economic Affairs took part, the Minister of Public Works, Mr. Abraha Asfeha indicates that the old road connecting Asmara with Gash Barka region passing through Keren was very narrow and with rolling mountainous topography that limits the driving speed and open to high risk.

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Mr. Abraha went on to say that the new road will be of a high standard and it will shorten the existing Asmara-Akordet road by 20 km and that will have strategic economic importance.

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Mr. Yang Zigang, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Eritrea indicating that since the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1993, Eritrea and China cooperation has been strengthened continuously.

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He also said that the ‘SFECO’ Construction Company has vast experience and capacity to construct the road and is expected the Eritrean nationals that join the program will gain substantial experience.
This mountainous segment will be constructed on the basis of the Chinese Government concessional loan.

From August 20th – 23rd, Mr. Zhou Wei, the Chief Engineer, led an inspection team made the check upon delivery of the first batch of equipment, such as bulldozers, loaders and road rollers for the Eritrean Highway Project. The delivery ceremony was held after check.



On August 28th, the test explosion of the Eritrean Highway project undertaken by SFECO was successfully completed. As the first phase of the project, the highway is about 30 kilometers long and designed as a two-way two-lane road.


On September 14th, the first shipment of equipment and materials for the Eritrean Highway project undertaken by SFECO sailed from Port Nangang, Shanghai. It arrives at the port of Massawa starting mid-October.

Hirgigo Power Plant Resumes 24-hr Power Supply

The plant starts providing uninterrupted electric power supply after undergoing plant expansion program worth $98.6m.

Sporadic power supply is now a thing of the past. The current output capacity has been upgraded from 84 MW to 132 MW.


A project worth 98.6 million Dollars has been implemented to augment the electric power supply by 60%.

The project that was implemented by the Chinese SFECO Company will upgrade the electric power supply by 46 mega watts. Continue reading Hirgigo Power Plant Resumes 24-hr Power Supply

FOCAC Summit Brings New Opportunities to Further China-Eritrea Cooperation

“Let’s join hands together and seize the opportunities to further deepen China-Eritrea cooperation in all areas to the benefit of our two countries and peoples to a larger extent.” – Chinese Ambassador to Eritrea

By Qiu Xuejun, Chinese Ambassador to Eritrea

China and Eritrea have maintained sound and healthy bilateral relations in all areas since establishing diplomatic relations. I still remember the heated atmosphere in Cinema Roma where the artist troupe from Inner Mongolia of China staged two performances of traditional Chinese culture in September 2015, some audience stood through the whole performance because there were no more empty seats.

Such a scene reflects, from one particular perspective, the everlasting friendship, close bond and affinity between the Chinese and Eritrean peoples developed over a long course of cooperation and common development. Continue reading FOCAC Summit Brings New Opportunities to Further China-Eritrea Cooperation

LiuGong Wins Third Eritrea Heavy Duty Equipment Procurement

LiuGong’s multi-million third procurement is for 72 heavy duty machineries like wheel loaders, excavators, motor graders and Dressta bulldozers.

By Bi-Construction News,

Chinese construction equipment manufacturer LiuGong has won a large equipment procurement project tendered by the government of Eritrea. It’s the third time LiuGong is awarded a procurement tender in Eritrea.

At the acceptance ceremony in Liuzhou (Guangxi), representatives from the purchasing agent, Mr. Yu Chuanfen, President of LiuGong, and Mr. Luo Guobing, Vice President and General Manager of Overseas Sales and Marketing Division were present. Continue reading LiuGong Wins Third Eritrea Heavy Duty Equipment Procurement

Power Outage to End in Eritrea

Hirgigo Power Plant in Massawa to go fully operational following a year long extension program

By TesfaNews,

The end of sporadic power supply in Eritrea is on the horizon as the extension and construction programs at the Hirgigo thermal power plant is almost complete.

According to African Energy Intelligence sources, Hirgigo power plant will go fully operational later this year.

The country have seen multiple power cuts in the last couple of years mainly due to shortfalls in the supply.  The current output at Hirgigo, the biggest plant in the country, and that of Belaza (17MW) accounts for 90% of all supply in Eritrea; and together lose 18% of the power they generate.  Continue reading Power Outage to End in Eritrea

Additional Modern Buses and Machinery Arrive

LiuGong, SinoTruk and SFECO has already orders worth $500+ million on their books from Eritrea. SinoTruk announced it has delivered 164 trucks along with the buses from LiuGong.

By Shabait,

REPORTS indicated that new modern buses and machineries have been imported with a view to alleviating transport problem and reinforcing national development programs.

The new facilities were imported via Massawa Port and that the buses would render service in urban and rural areas, while the machineries Continue reading Additional Modern Buses and Machinery Arrive