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A Round-Up of News Articles from Inner City Press Reporter (A Must Follow)

Investigative journalist Matthew Russell Lee of Inner City Press has been known by many as the only trustworthy western journalist who reports right from the Security Council corridors with his black or white , non-biased articles.  He is now the only reliable source to learn exactly what is going on at the Security Council with regards to the latest drive for additional sanction on Eritrea. Thanks to him we already know that the Sanction threat is now dead on arrival. Kudos Matthew Russell Lee!


Russian envoy to UN complains that the Security Council wasn’t given sufficient proof of Eritrea’s alleged plot to attack the African Union summit in Addis Ababa. South Africa’s envoy as well said the Experts Report was inconclusive

By Matthew Russell Lee,

UNITED NATIONS, December 5 — As UN Security Council members gathered Monday to vote new Eritrea sanctions, neither the President, Foreign Minister or even Permanent Representative to the UN of Eritrea had been heard from.

Once the meeting began, Gabon was the only member to speak before the vote, urging all members to vote for the sanctions resolution.

When the vote was called, 13 hands went up YES– including to the surprise of some, South Africa — and two hands went up in abstention: Russia and China. Continue reading A Round-Up of News Articles from Inner City Press Reporter (A Must Follow)

AU Recognizes Libya’s Transitional Government

Libyan rebel’s flag flies in front of the United Nations during the 66th session of the General Assembly; Ban Ki-Moon called it a historic day

By VOA News,

The African Union has recognized Libya’s National Transitional Council as the official representative of the Libyan people, dealing another blow to embattled leader Moammar Gadhafi.

The 54-member bloc said Tuesday it is ready to support the NTC as it works to form an inclusive government.

Equatorial Guinea President Teodoro Obiang Nguema, who holds the AU’s rotating chair, said the bloc supports the Libyan people as they build a “united, democratic, peaceful and prosperous Libya.” Continue reading AU Recognizes Libya’s Transitional Government

South Africa Stands Firm Between Libya Crisis and Rebel Recognition

South Africa condemns any form of imposed regime change - Jacob Zuma

By David Smith (Mail & Guardian),

The South African government has defended its refusal to back a United Nations proposal to release $1.5-billion of Libyan assets and to recognise the country’s rebel authority, despite growing criticism at home and around the world.

The United States proposed a draft resolution to the United Nations Security Council on Wednesday that Libyan assets — frozen by the UN to starve Muammar Gaddafi of resources – be released for the benefit of the rebel National Transitional Council.

South Africa says it will approve $500-million of the package for urgent humanitarian assistance, but opposes the release of the -remaining funds because the interim structure has not been recognised by the UN itself. Continue reading South Africa Stands Firm Between Libya Crisis and Rebel Recognition