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Egypt Boosts Navy as Part of Red Sea Strategy

Over the past two years, Egypt spent billions to upgrade its navy, buying helicopter carriers from France, frigates from Russia and submarines from Germany.

Huge investments are only part of Egypt’s vision for Suez Canal region, one that cannot be implemented without proper security in Red Sea.

By Amr Emam | The Arab Weekly,

By establishing a naval force in the Red Sea, Egypt aims for more than protecting navigation in the Suez Canal, a vital wa­terway for international trade, mili­tary experts said.

“The force will be the backbone of Egypt’s new Red Sea strategy,” former Assistant Defense Minis­ter Hossam Suweilam said. “There is a marked surge of unrest in the southern entrance to the Red Sea, which needs an aggressive policy.” Continue reading Egypt Boosts Navy as Part of Red Sea Strategy

Egypt’s Naval Operations Expanding Southwards

Looking South. Egypt inaugurates its Navy’s Southern Fleet Command in a ceremony attended by the president. Purpose: To secure complete control over the theatre of naval operations in the Red Sea area.

By Ahmed Eleiba | for Ahram Weekly,

The Egyptian Navy’s Southern Fleet Command was officially inaugurated on 5 January in a ceremony attended by the president and commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces, the prime minister, the minister of defence, the army chief-of-staffs, the commander-in-chief of the navy and senior military officers.

The creation of the new command signals a qualitative leap in the capacities of the Egyptian navy in terms of planning, organisation and military hardware. Continue reading Egypt’s Naval Operations Expanding Southwards