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How U.S. Surveillance Helps Repressive Regimes — the Ethiopia Case

High time for the US administration and Congress to reckon with the human rights abuses of the Ethiopian government, and how the sharing of national security technologies is enabling the regime.

Corporations—human rights—surveillance: The sharing of national security technologies could make U.S. complicit in the war crimes and crimes against humanity being committed by its security partner – the Ethiopian regime. (Photo: azatvaleev/Getty Images)


Recent stories from Edward Snowden’s disclosures show how the US government’s involvement with Ethiopia presents a case study in enabling repressive regimes to carry out surveillance on their own citizens.

In the case of Ethiopia, such surveillance powers can play a significant role in a government’s criminalization of dissent and politically motivated detentions. The United States is not alone in its assistance. Ethiopia has also used hacking technologies obtained from abroad to spy on diaspora living in the United States. Continue reading How U.S. Surveillance Helps Repressive Regimes — the Ethiopia Case

Hacking Team Admits Selling Spying Software to Ethiopia

SHAMFUL. After being exposed of spying its own citizens using a private technology, a first-of-its kind lawsuit resumes in a U.S. District Court against the Ethiopian regime for deploying surveillance malware against American citizens on an American soil, disregarding the law of the land.

By ESAT News,

EVEN though the Ethiopian government have long denied the allegation that it has been using Remote Control System (RCS) to spy on journalists and citizens, senior officials of Hacking Team have admitted on Monday that the company has indeed sold its hacking software to Ethiopia. Continue reading Hacking Team Admits Selling Spying Software to Ethiopia

Why is World’s Leading Foreign Aid Recipient Spending Millions on Internet Hacking?

Evil governments, like the Ethiopian dictatorship, liked spying on their citizens. Now we know where they buy their tools — from a tiny Italian company in Milan. It’s called Hacking Team and the world knows about it, because Hacking Team has been hacked.

By Fikrejesus Amahazion (PhD)

LAST week, a large trove of emails was released showing how the Italian surveillance firm Hacking Team sold surveillance technology to governments around the world. The technology allows governments to infect smartphones and computers with malware to covertly record conversations and steal data. Amongst the numerous governments implicated was Ethiopia, with the leaked information showing that the government targeted Ethiopian journalists based in the United States. The Ethiopian regime possesses a deplorable record on freedom of the press, and the Ethiopian diaspora is vital in presenting coverage of the country’s domestic situation. Continue reading Why is World’s Leading Foreign Aid Recipient Spending Millions on Internet Hacking?

Why Is Glenn Greenwald Protecting the CIA?

Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald’s compelling account of the NSA surveillance on the account of former employee Edward Snowden reveals the threat posed by spying. Who are the CIA agents in our midst?

By Thomas C Mountain,

WHY is Glenn Greenwald protecting the CIA? Edward Snowden made him the primary custodian for the tens of thousands of secret files Snowden downloaded from the NSA database yet only a small fraction of the files have been made public in the past year.

The reason? So Glenn Greenwald et.al can make sure that no one in the US intel community would be compromised?

Every day across the planet the CIA instigates the arrest, torture and murder of people whose only wrongdoing is opposing the crimes being committed by those in league with Pax Americana. Arms trafficking, drug trafficking, human trafficking, all of the most evil activities on this planet are being instigated and directed by the CIA. So why is Glenn Greenwald protecting these bastards?  Continue reading Why Is Glenn Greenwald Protecting the CIA?

Four Britons held in Eritrea



Four British citizens have been detained in Eritrea, the Foreign Office in London said Friday, amid reports that the men were former soldiers guarding a merchant ship from pirates. 

A statement said Britain was “deeply concerned” that authorities in the Horn of Africa nation had not allowed consular officials to speak to or visit the men, adding that ministers and diplomats were continuing to demand access.  Continue reading Four Britons held in Eritrea