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2015 in Review: Eritrea’s Charm Offensive

Meticulously planned, expanded and executed diplomatic efforts by Eritrea in 2015 has already borne fruit. Without getting overly optimistic, Eritrea expects to gain more this year that eventually lead to annulment of the unjust sanctions altogether.

By Simon Keleta,

Eritrea’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs seems to have been quite busy this past year. The effect of Eritrea’s growing relations have clearly borne fruit within the halls of the UN. To understand the gains made in 2015, we must first recall UN Security Council Resolution 1907 and the conditions that brought sanctions on Eritrea in 2009.

Knowing that European Union (EU)-member states were historically reluctant to support anti-African resolutions not sponsored by Africa as a whole, Susan Rice exploited Eritrea’s temporary absence from the east African regional bloc, the Inter Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD), to rally members of the African Union (AU) in an anti-Eritrea resolution that was made to appear as an “African Initiative.” Continue reading 2015 in Review: Eritrea’s Charm Offensive