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‘We Should Negotiate With Eritrea’

“The tunnel view of the human rights situation will not do justice to Eritrea.” – Hans-Ulrich Stauffer

Switzerland should negotiate with Eritrea in order to make possible voluntary return of rejected asylum seekers, said Swiss lawyer and Eritrea expert Hans-Ulrich Stauffer. (Photo: Samuel Schumacher)


The Basle lawyer and Eritrea expert Hans-Ulrich Stauffer paints a positive picture of Eritrea in his new book. He wants to “relax” the discussion, as he explains in an interview with the “Switzerland on the weekend”.

Q: Mr. Stauffer, your book is called “Eritrea – the second look”. Is Eritrea different from what we expected at first sight?

Hans-Ulrich Stauffer: Our Eritrea picture is characterized by the fact that some 35,000 Eritreans came to Switzerland as refugees. Such a great escape movement leads to questions and assumptions about the motivates. I understand that refugees present their case as dramatically as possible in order to receive asylum. Continue reading ‘We Should Negotiate With Eritrea’