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Impressions of Swiss Politicians Visiting Eritrea

Four politicians from Switzerland are making a controversial trip to Eritrea. These politicians who are currently touring different parts of Eritrea wanted to see it by themselves what they have been hearing about the country from the media. These are : Thomas Aeschi (SVP / ZG), Yvonne Feri (SP / AG), Claude Béglé (CVP / VD) and the Green Aargauer Councillor Susanne Hochuli.

Others who were ready to travel but later renounced their participation and start criticizing the journey includes SP Councillor Pascale Bruderer and the National Christian Wasserfallen (FDP / BE). The big question remains: Can they really made it to the country at all and give an accurate picture if the country is really a totalitarian dictatorship?

The following is an impression of Thomas Aeschi, (37) from Zuger SVP-National, of his trip, exclusively for Blick.

“Eritrea is not Hell!”

Swiss politicians on Eritrea tour: Susanne Hochuli, Yvonne Feri, Thomas Aeschi, and Claude Béglé.

By Thomas Aeschi (SVP / ZG),

For years, asylum seekers from Eritrea occupy the top spot in the Swiss asylum statistics. Nevertheless, no one seems to be interested in Eritrea at large: Neither federal councilors, parliamentary delegations, and even high-ranking officials who visited Eritrea in recent years.

Since it was announced that Swiss politician traveling these days for meetings with Eritrean government officials, foreign ambassadors, the ICRC and locals inside Eritrea, the excitement is great. As one of the travelers, what can I [understand] after a week with of many discussions with different interlocutors?

Surprisingly, there is a large consensus among the interlocutors to rule that the vast majority of Eritrean arrivals in Europe can be described as “economic migrants”. Continue reading Impressions of Swiss Politicians Visiting Eritrea