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Sudan Tribune and NED Supports “Terrorist” Awramba Times

The Endless Lies About Eritrea Must Come to a Complete Stop!

Dawit Kebede of Awramba Times and Tesfa-Alem wedi Mekelle of Sudan Tribune are nothing but Woyane Stooges

By Red Sea Fisher,

The Lie: Eritrea supports an Ethiopian terrorist organization with $500,000 (Sudan Tribune, Awramaba Times)

The Truth: Is it a coincidence that Dr. Berhanu Nega, an influential Ethiopian opposition leader, is being called an Eritrea-funded “terrorist” on the same exact day that he was supposed to testify before the House Committee on Foreign Affairs in a session labeled “The Future of Democracy and Human Rights in Ethiopia”?

These accusations against Dr. Berhanu originate from a June 20, 2013 article published by Awramba Times, which links to an allegedly leaked audio with the alleged voice of Dr. Berhanu claiming to have received $500,000 from Eritrea to support the work of the opposition movement Ginbot 7 and Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT).  Continue reading Sudan Tribune and NED Supports “Terrorist” Awramba Times