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Somalia: From Troubled Transition to a Tarnished Transition?

“Political interference and influence, corruption as well as intimidation should stop or expect the ultimate collapse of the transition process” – ICG

By International Crisis Group (ICG),

The term of Somalia’s Transitional Federal Institutions has expired, and there is no new president to take office as envisaged. The current political process has been as undemocratic as the one it seeks to replace, with unprecedented levels of political interference, corruption and intimidation. The end of the transition roadmap process – that is supposed to usher in an inclusive political dispensation – may fail to bring stabilityContinue reading Somalia: From Troubled Transition to a Tarnished Transition?

UN Somali “Surge” vs. Al Shabab Expansion

“Damn those Al-Shabab, Damn all those ungrateful Somalis! has become the West’s not so silent Lament,”  Thomas C Mountain

The lesson never learned in Somalia is you cannot defeat an entire population by force

By Thomas C. Mountain,

In a worrying sign for the powers that be in the west, the Somali national resistance under the umbrella of AlShabab has made its first major breakthrough in the northern region of Somalia by bringing into its folds the Islamic Resistance in Puntland.

With Al Shabab this past year having unified all the major resistance movement in central and southern Somalia and with talks ongoing between Al-Shabab Continue reading UN Somali “Surge” vs. Al Shabab Expansion

Al-Shabaab Changes its name and Strategy

Hizbul Islam Leadership led by Dahir Aweys took over the role of leadership for the newly branded Al-Shabaab organization called Islamic Authority

By TesfaNews,

The nationalist factions of Somali Islamist group Al-Shabaab have announced the change of their organization name to Imaarah Islamiyah – meaning ‘Islamic Authority’ following several days of meetings in Baidoa.

Except the leader of Al-Shabaab, Ahmed Abdi Godane (Abu Zubeyr), all prominent members like Sheikh Ali Dhere, Sheikh Mukhtar Robow (Abu Mansoor), Fu’ad Shongole and Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys attended the meeting. Continue reading Al-Shabaab Changes its name and Strategy

Al-Shabab Rebels Withdraw from Mogadishu

Al-Shabab appears to be weakened by AMISOM offensive combined by famine, migration and luck of support


Abdirahman Omar Osman, a government spokesman, said on Saturday that al-Shabab was retreating from the city, calling it a “golden victory for the Somali people“.

He said government forces have begun deploying cautiously in the pockets of the city previously under al-Shabab control. The government is urging city residents who fled their homes to return, promising the military will spare no effort in securing their areas.

Ali Mohamed Rage, an al-Shabab spokesperson, told a local radio station that the withdrawal was aimed to enable a counter-attack, saying there would be no pull out from other regions of southern Somalia. Continue reading Al-Shabab Rebels Withdraw from Mogadishu

Somalia: The West’s “Miserable Failure”

A Nationalist or an Opportunist?

Dr. Michael A. Weinstein

On February 3, Somalia’s Transitional Federal Parliament (T.F.P.) voted 421-11-3 to extend its term for three years beyond its expiration in August, 2011. The T.F.P.’s move was in direct opposition to the United Nations, which serves as the agent of the Western “donor”-powers (Washington, the European Union and European states) that fund the T.F.P. (pay its members’ salaries). Continue reading Somalia: The West’s “Miserable Failure”

Hizbul Islam joins Al-Shabaab in Somalia

Hassan Dahir Aweys

By Bill Roggio

Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys, the leader of Hizbul Islam, has merged his forces with Shabaab, al Qaeda’s affiliate in Somalia, after suffering a string of military defeats at the hands of the rival Islamist terror group.         Continue reading Hizbul Islam joins Al-Shabaab in Somalia