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Ethiopia’s Tigray Conflict Reconsidered

How TPLF’s plan for victory like Israel’s Six-Days-War has turned to an embarrassing defeat that resembles Egypt’s Yom-Kippur war?

The TPLF was so occupied with replicating the Six-Days of War scenario that they forgot there was indeed also a chance the war would end up like the 1973 Yom-Kippur War. It seems that they studied only one part of Israel’s history or deliberately opted to be ignorant.


We were literally caught with-our-pants-down … but we won because that is our mindset, … to win!”, said the late Dr Yehuda Paz, founder, and chair of the Negev Institute for Strategies of Peace and Development in Israel during a presentation about the fourth Arab-Israeli conflict in 1973, also known as the Yom Kippur War. Continue reading Ethiopia’s Tigray Conflict Reconsidered

The Final Hours of Ethiopia’s TPLF Regime

“There is no such thing as a cakewalk in war, but if there ever was one, the capture of Mekelle would be it.”

Gone with the wind. When gazed upon, the TPLF appears awesome, formidable, and infinitely powerful. It has guns, tanks, rockets, planes, and bombs. Though the TPLF has legs of iron, its feet are made of clay. This beast with feet of clay, in the end, was run down! (Courtesy of Prof. AL Mariam)


With their army destroyed and their last, best troops wiped out in one morning on the outskirts of their regional capital Mekele, the last remnants of the leadership of Ethiopia’s TPLF regime were forced to retreat to the secret Hagarasalam underground bunkers. Continue reading The Final Hours of Ethiopia’s TPLF Regime

Ethiopian Troops Advancing on Tigray’s Capital

After the fall of Shire and Axum towns to government forces, Ethiopia’s prime minister said that his army is advancing on the Tigray regional capital Mekelle. TPLF rebel leader vows to keep fighting.


Ethiopian federal troops are closing in on Tigray’s capital of Mekelle, Redwan Hussein, the government spokesperson for the state of emergency task force, told CNN on Wednesday.

As the fighting between Ethiopian and Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) soldiers rages in the region for a second week, Redwan said that national defense forces have now taken control of Shire, northwest of Mekelle, and Alamata, south of the city. Continue reading Ethiopian Troops Advancing on Tigray’s Capital

Amnesty Investigation Reveals Evidence of Massacre in Mai-Kadra

According to the Amhara regional media agency, the number of victims is close to 500.

Amnesty International has spoken to witnesses who said forces loyal to the TPLF were responsible for the very large number of civilians killings in Mai-Kadra, apparently after they suffered defeat from the federal forces. (Photo: EthiopiaObserver.com)


Amnesty International can today confirm that scores, and likely hundreds, of people were stabbed or hacked to death in Mai-Kadra (May Cadera) town in the South West Zone of Ethiopia’s Tigray Region on the night of 9 November. Continue reading Amnesty Investigation Reveals Evidence of Massacre in Mai-Kadra

PM Abiy’s War Against Tigray Rebels Good for Ethiopia and the Region

The long-term losers of the ongoing war between Addis Ababa and TPLF are the Tigrayan people: Their long cherished dream of one day gaining a complete self-rule was being dashed by their leaders’ antagonism with Addis Ababa and Eritrea.


The decision by Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to send the army to the Tigrayan region to crack down on criminals within the minority Tigray People’s Liberation Front is good news for the Horn and East African region, which suffered enormously as a result of this faction’s massacres, war with Eritrea and invasion of Somalia. TPLF agents used to hunt down their adversaries like animals in the streets of foreign countries, especially in Kenya and Somalia, where members from the Oromo Liberation Front and Ogaden National Liberation Front were murdered in cold blood. Continue reading PM Abiy’s War Against Tigray Rebels Good for Ethiopia and the Region

Ethiopia to Replace Tigray Region Leadership

Parliament declared Tigray regional administration as illegal and voted to replace it

Ethiopia’s House of Federation voted to set up an interim administration by replacing the leadership of the country’s defiant northern Tigray region.


Ethiopia moved Saturday to replace the leadership of the country’s defiant northern Tigray region, where deadly clashes between regional and federal government forces are fueling fears the major African power is sliding into civil war. Tigray’s leader told the African Union that the federal government was planning a “full-fledged military offensive.” Continue reading Ethiopia to Replace Tigray Region Leadership