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South Africa Stands Firm Between Libya Crisis and Rebel Recognition

South Africa condemns any form of imposed regime change - Jacob Zuma

By David Smith (Mail & Guardian),

The South African government has defended its refusal to back a United Nations proposal to release $1.5-billion of Libyan assets and to recognise the country’s rebel authority, despite growing criticism at home and around the world.

The United States proposed a draft resolution to the United Nations Security Council on Wednesday that Libyan assets — frozen by the UN to starve Muammar Gaddafi of resources – be released for the benefit of the rebel National Transitional Council.

South Africa says it will approve $500-million of the package for urgent humanitarian assistance, but opposes the release of the -remaining funds because the interim structure has not been recognised by the UN itself. Continue reading South Africa Stands Firm Between Libya Crisis and Rebel Recognition

Ethiopia Recognizes Libyan Rebels

Libya’s ambassadors defect en masse worldwide and change the new rebel TNC flag

AFP/NOW Lebanon,

Ethiopia on Wednesday recognized Libya’s rebel National Transitional Council (TNC) as the legitimate authority of the strife-torn north African country and urged the African Union to do the same.

The recent unfolding events in Libya have amply demonstrated that the National Transition Council is in the control of the greater part of Libya,” government spokesperson Dina Mufti told reporters.

Dina made the comments at a joint press briefing by Ethiopia’s Foreign Affairs Minister Hailemariam Desalegn and his Nigerian counterpart Olugbenga Ashiru, whose country recognized the rebels’ authority Tuesday. Continue reading Ethiopia Recognizes Libyan Rebels