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‘Transfer to Heavy Industry is Critical to Future Expansion’: Ambassador Estifanos

Most of the existing industrial enterprises in sub-Saharan Africa are mostly small scale. The need to shift to heavy industrial scale is critical now. (Photo: FM Kishida of Japan and FM Osman of Eritrea exchanged ideas and opinions on bilateral #TICAD VI cooperation in Nairobi.)

By Ambassador Estifanos Afeworki,

The significance of the industrial sector to national and regional development is very clear. Industrial enterprises diversify the economic activity of the agrarian-dominated production structure of our African countries that is mostly at a subsistence level.

The share of the industrial sector, including manufacturing, mining and construction, ranges in the average of 40 – 50 percent of the GDP of most of the countries in Africa. Though the labor force deployed in this sector remains low (mostly 1 – 2 percent) compared to agriculture and other sectors, its contribution to economic growth is significantly high.

Most of the industrial enterprises in our countries are limited to food, beverages, tobacco and matches, textiles, leather and shoes, metal and woodwork, printing, nonmetallic minerals and chemicals. The colonial legacy of the concentration of economic activities in few limited centers, either in capital cities or seaports, is observed in many of the countries in Africa. Continue reading ‘Transfer to Heavy Industry is Critical to Future Expansion’: Ambassador Estifanos