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Remarkable to Witness Birth of Eritrea

Toronto Sun founding editor Peter Worthington passed away a week ago. A short time before his last dispatch for the Sun was written. It’s a remarkable look back at the “barefoot guerrilla army” of the Eritrean People’s Liberation Front he covered in 1988 — and the historic Battle of Afabet that saw some 20,000 Soviet-backed Ethiopian soldiers killed and a new, independent nation of Eritrea rise from the bloodshed. We miss him already.

Friend of Eritrea, Peter Worthington 1927 - 2013
Friend of Eritrea, Peter Worthington 1927 – 2013

By Peter Worthington,

On May 24th, the small but vibrant East African country of Eritrea celebrates its 22nd year of independence after winning a 30-year war to free itself from the shackles of Ethiopia.

One of Africa’s poorest and youngest countries, Eritrea is also one of Africa’s proudest. In a United Nations-supervised referendum in 1993, Eritreans supported independence by a whopping 99.17% — and a country of some five million broke away from Ethiopia with a population of around 80 million and the largest, most mechanized army Continue reading Remarkable to Witness Birth of Eritrea

President of Eritrea is as Unique as His Country

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win”  – Mahatma Gandhi

“Eritrean president may not be a fun guy, but he’s … As unique as his country” – PETER WORTHINGTON (Toronto Sun)

By Peter Worthington,

In some ways, the world’s most interesting “leader” today is 53-year-old Isaias Afewerki, president of the UN’s newest independent state, Eritrea.

He is as unique as his country, unlike other heads of state.

When I met him in early December in Asmara, he was obviously more interested in working than talking. The BBC had been waiting weeks for an interview, but somehow I jumped the queue.

In journalism, as in love or war, you sometimes don’t ask why, but just take advantage of opportunity.  Continue reading President of Eritrea is as Unique as His Country