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UCI Commissioner to the Tour of Eritrea 2016: Interview

tour of Eritrea 2016
“Tour of Eritrea 2016 was well organized and safety is incredible. I think that the standards of UCI have been fully met.” – Mr. Creig Awtry, UCI Commissioner for the Tour of Eritrea 2016

By Billion Temesghen,

For the edition of the Tour of Eritrea, Q & A has been travelling around the country alongside the riders, organizers and commissionaires. The Tour of Eritrea 2016 concluded on Saturday 23rd after five consecutive stages extending throughout the major cities and towns of Eritrea.

The tour was followed by a concluding race, the Asmara Circuit on the 24th, conducted in honor of the Silver Jubilee of the Eritrean independence.

Previously, on our Wednesday edition I talked to some young riders from several teams whom sparkled the Tour with their enthusiasm. This time Q & A gives you Mr. Commissionaire. Continue reading UCI Commissioner to the Tour of Eritrea 2016: Interview

Tour of Eritrea: Tesfom Okubamariam Wins Massawa Circuit

Day #2 Tour of Eritrea 2016: African Champion Tesfom Okbamariam is the winner of the Massawa Circuit (UCI 1.2)

By TesfaNews,

The Massawa Circuit that was conducted on Sunday (17) was the second part of the Eritrean race series ahead of the 6th Annual Tour of Eritrea. In this one-day, UCI 1.2, 117.7 Km grilling race, Africa’s top ranked rider Tesfom Okubamariam of the Eritrean national team registered a resounding victory after clocking 2:48:24. Continue reading Tour of Eritrea: Tesfom Okubamariam Wins Massawa Circuit

Tour of Eritrea 2016 Day #1 – Fenkil Challenge

By Billion Temesghen,

On the instigation of the Tour of Eritrea 2016, early morning today, at 8:00 local time, 8 cycling teams lined up at the beginning line, in the town of Foro.

The participating teams are 3 from Eritrea, the third being the National team, followed by national teams of Sudan, Rwanda and Egypt. Amore Vita of Italy, Stradalli – Bike Aid from Germany of which three Eritreans Meron Amanuel, Meron Teshome and Amanuel Menghis are members.

All in all, 44 riders are participating in the race of which the winning prize is US $27,000 dollars. Continue reading Tour of Eritrea 2016 Day #1 – Fenkil Challenge

Eritreans Outshines in Tour of Eritrea: Michael Habtom Celebrates Exalting Moment

By Yosief Abraham Z.,

Following to 2009 official recognition by UCI, the 2016 Tour of Eritrea (Tour-de-Eritrea) kicks-off its curtains today (16). In this competition Eritrea—as host country—is represented by one National Cycling Team and other two – Tsinat and Salina – backing and individual teams. And with eight participant teams, the 2016 Tour of Eritrea commenced today in its way from Foro to Ghindae, the Capital city of the Semanawi Keith Bahri forests.

And at rate of pedalling their cycles at 38.4 km per hour, 44 cyclists energized their whimsicality to have the grail of success which came to end at 9:47 AM in Ghindae. And with unexaggerated tracks of time differences on their way from Foro, three teams formed and the situation seems as if there wouldn’t be any startling competence. Continue reading Eritreans Outshines in Tour of Eritrea: Michael Habtom Celebrates Exalting Moment

Team Stradalli – Bike Aid to Participate at Tour of Eritrea 2016

(L-R) Amanuel Mengis, Meron Amanuel and Meron Teshome are the 3 Eritrean Pro riders that will represent the German Continental Professional Team Stradalli – Bike Aid at the Tour of Eritrea from April 19 – May 24th, 2016.

By Stradalli – Bike Aid,

The UCI 2.2 Tour of Eritrea begins April 19th and Stradalli – Bike Aid will be bringing a full team to compete at a race in a country that sits close to the heart of the team’s mission.

Eritrea, due to its Italian influence, is a cycling crazy country. Cycling is less of a hobby and more of a way of life for many Eritreans. Historically the country has been torn by war, disease and poverty. However, that hasn’t stopped Eritrea from ascending into the higher ranks of cycling.

Stradalli – Bike Aid will be in attendance with a full team of 6 cyclists, half of which are from Eritrea. Stradalli – Bike Aid has had several success stories of bringing riders from Africa and elevating them to the World Tour level. Past riders such as Mekseb Debesay, Eritrean professional rider for World Tour team Dimension Data, found their feet at the higher level with Stradalli – Bike Aid. Educating, training and providing opportunity for the African people was once a dream and is now reality for the German Continental Professional Team.

Meron Teshome, Amanuel Mengis and Meron Amanuel are the 3 Eritreans that will represent Stradalli – Bike Aid at the Tour of Eritrea. Of all the talent coming from Eritrea in the past few years, these few star riders are showing they are most exciting. Daniel Bichlmann, Dominik Merseburg and Matthias Schnapka will all be present to make up a top level team to compete for victory.

Amanuel Mengis, 21-year-old from Eritrea, began his season at the Challenge Mallorca racing against teams of the highest caliber. Trek – Segafredo took a win with Fabian Cancellara. Lotto Soudal took wins with Andre Greipel. Movistar, Team Sky and Francas de Jeux all were present showing off their early season form. Mengis was one of the youngest riders in the race and still proved he could perform with the best.

From Mallorca, Mengis travelled immediately to Vuelta a Andalucia Ruta Ciclista Del Sol where he was a constant presence in breakaways for Stradalli – Bike Aid. Mengis then brought his early season form to the Tour of Cameroon where finished in the top 10 in every stage, led the youth classification and took home the green points leaders jersey after 8 days of racing.

Amanuel Mengis is the first Eritrean to bring the Stradalli Carbon Aversa to a first place finish in a leader’s jersey competition.

The Tour of Cameroon is one of the most prestigious races on the UCI Africa Tour, but Eritrea is home for Amanuel Mengis and several Stradalli – Bike Aid riders. The riders will have extra motivation to dominate their home race and show Eritrea is ready for the highest echelon of cycling. Cycling is the most watched sport in Eritrea. Weekend races have standout numbers in terms of attendance. Fans line the road for local races and beginner riders just entering the sport.

The accomplishments of Stradalli – Bike Aid have attracted attention internationally prompting everything from invites to larger races to television coverage in multiple countries. The Tour of Eritrea will be televised in several countries. Cycling aside, television networks in Germany will be broadcasting a human interest piece on Stradalli – Bike Aid and its riders, showing the genuine interest the public has in the mission behind the cycling team.

Eritrea, despite being a very small country, has already found its way to the top level of cycling. The Tour de France for many is the end goal of their cycling careers. Daniel Teklehaimanot of Team Dimension Data was the first Eritrean to achieve this goal, finishing 51st in his first Tour de France and wore the polka dot climbers jersey for several stages during the race. For a small country, this is a huge achievement.

The question for the future will be whether Eritrea can make an even greater impact on the sport. The highest point in Eritrea sits at 2600 meters altitude and with Eritrea being such a cycling crazy country, it seems Eritrea is poised to begin producing top athletes.

They may lack in resources, but they do not lack heart. Stradalli – Bike Aid’s mission is to give people such as these opportunities they otherwise wouldn’t have. All the African riders on Stradalli – Bike Aid have been top performers this year and Tour of Eritrea is the next stop on the journey to success in 2016.