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Why Trump’s Administration Needs to Rethink about the Horn of Africa

Trump’s Horn of Africa policy challenges.

There is no evidence that Africa in general and the Horn of Africa in particular will be a priority for President Trump in the way it has been for his three immediate predecessors. Can this be a blessing for the US to correct past policy failures in the region or will he be indifferent?

By Temesgen Tesfamariam,

Today, two events seem to have an effect in putting US dominant existence in the Horn of Africa to an end. These are the military arrival of China in Djibouti, and the popular uprising in Ethiopia. The US’s long-term dream of having permanent military base in the region has now faced serious challenges after Djibouti chose to work with China in a more intimate manner than with US.

Needless to say that US military station in the region dates back to 1950s during which it opened naval bases in Eritrea. It left the base for Diego Garcia because the 1974 revolution in Ethiopia brought unfriendly political landscape in the region. Now, the situation looks reappearing, as the military arrival of China in Djibouti stews the United States temper. Continue reading Why Trump’s Administration Needs to Rethink about the Horn of Africa

How Might Donald Trump Change Africa Policy?

Trump’s policy on Africa will soon be put to the test.

Africa was barely mentioned during his speeches and his foreign policy towards Africa might be a mix of aggression (fighting terror) and isolationism (spending more money at home, and less overseas), with minimal funding going toward humanitarian aid. (Photo: The Guardian)

By Ambassador Herman Cohen,

Ambassador Herman J. Cohen, who served as the top United States diplomat on Africa in the Republican administration of the first President Bush, assesses the likely approach of a Donald Trump administration towards the continent, emphasizing the benefits to U.S business interests of maintaining a number of longstanding policies.

There is already much speculation as to President Donald J. Trump’s likely policy toward Africa. During the campaign, the Trump team did not speak very much about foreign policy in general, and said almost nothing about Africa. Continue reading How Might Donald Trump Change Africa Policy?