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Ulrich Coppel Interview With FM Osman Salih

“Germany’s overall policy stance on Eritrea is not constructive.”

“Eritrea is keen to cultivate a relationship [with Germany] as long as it is based on mutual respect and common interests. We cannot naturally accommodate positions that seek to impose conditions on our policy perspective and developmental approaches.” – FM Osman Saleh (Photo: Ulrich Coppel)

In July 2020, Ulrich Coppel sent written questions to Eritrea’s Foreign Minister Osman Saleh. It was intended as a “follow-up“ to an interview published in the WESTFÄLISCHE NACHRICHTEN in October 2019. For technical reasons, however, Osman Saleh was unable to answer the following questions until 16 October 2020. Important fundamental issues, such as the Eritrean National Service, the development of a constitution, but also current affairs such as the state of relations between Germany and Eritrea and COVID were discussed. Continue reading Ulrich Coppel Interview With FM Osman Salih