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US AFRICOM Reborn in Djibouti

The push for the illegal UN resolution 1907 by the shameless USA was not after all about Eritrea’s refusal to withdraw from a ‘disputed territory’ or any territorial claims. That ‘territory’ now turns out to be a ‘mountain on the Eritrean side’ that comfortably overlooks the new AFRICOM base in Djibouti.  

Deciphering the relationship between new AFRICOM base in Djibouti and the push for resolution 1907

By Thomas C. Mountain,

The visit to Djibouti by US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta in late 2011 seems to be an omen foretelling the  rebirth of the US African Command’s (AFRICOM) base in the Horn of Africa.

The USA has little choice really, now that the Bahraini peoples resistance to the western backed Hamad regime has become firmly established and the USA’s continued use of their naval base in Bahrain becomes problematic. Continue reading US AFRICOM Reborn in Djibouti