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An Ethiopian and Susan Rice Semiannual Ritual at the UN Security Council

This May 2009, six hours long private meeting between Zenawi and Rice was the genesis of their ill-gotten, evil agenda of sanctioning Eritrea hatched.

By Bereket Tecle,

Once again this July, the chairman of the so-called U.N. Somalia Eritrea Monitoring group (Matt Bryden), US Ambassador to the UN (Susan Rice) and PM of the genocidal minority regime in Ethiopia (Meles Zenawi) have begun what they have been doing for a while; a joint semiannual ritual at the UNSC.

The goal is to undermine, ridicule and despoil every Eritrean institution, its people and its leadership. It has been obvious when it comes to Eritrea and the Eritrean people, no road is too low or no lie is too bold for the TPLF-run regime in Ethiopia. Continue reading An Ethiopian and Susan Rice Semiannual Ritual at the UN Security Council

Eritrea Dismisses US Sanctions on Shabaab-linked Suspects

US froze US-based assets of Col. Tewolde Habte Negash and Col. Taeme Abraham Goitom?!?!? … LOL

By Capital FM,

Eritrea on Saturday denounced as unfounded US sanctions imposed on two Eritrean government officials accused of links to al-Qaeda affiliated Somali rebels.

They had been targeted “not because there is a shred of truth or material evidence to the false accusations heaped upon them” but because the US wanted to give the impression it was tightening its sanctions, said a statement.  Continue reading Eritrea Dismisses US Sanctions on Shabaab-linked Suspects

Meb Keflezighi of Eritrea Rises Again

The trailblazer has nothing to lose as he guns for another Olympic medal. 

Meb named the first American to win the a Marathon in 27 years

By Sabrina Grotewold,

Mebrahtom Keflezighi’s a nice guy, but he’s got teeth. Sharpening them was a prerequisite for any post-collegiate elite runner hoping to reverse the abysmal state of U.S. distance running in 2000. Keflezighi, known affectionately by family and fans as Meb, proved that American men could compete on a world-class level again.

When Joe Vigil and I put the Mammoth Track Club together [in 2001], we had Meb and Deena [Kastor] as our leaders,” says Bob Larsen, Keflezighi’s coach for the past 18 years and the now-retired cross-country and track and field coach at UCLA. “They showed the path. People got confident again and said, ‘If they can train really hard at altitude, compete internationally and win Olympic medals, so can we.’ That growth is still taking place.” Continue reading Meb Keflezighi of Eritrea Rises Again

African Union: A Tool to Western Rule in Africa

The aftermath of AU’s betrayal to Africa and its disservice to the USA is there for all to see

By Thomas C Mountain,

The African Union (AU) has mutated into a particularly corrupt and brutal enforcer of western rule in Africa. When it comes to the interests of Pax Americana, you must start with the crimes committed in the AU’s “War on Terror” in Somalia a.k.a. The War on the Somali people.

In 2006 the Somalis themselves under the umbrella of the Union of Islamic Courts brought about a miracle in many observers eyes and established a functioning government in the former capital of Mogadishu bringing peace and security to the region for the first time in 15 years. Continue reading African Union: A Tool to Western Rule in Africa

President Isaias’ July 31 Letter to President Obama

President Isaias sent a letter to President Obama on 31st July 2011

By TesfaNews,

President Isaias Afwerki of Eritrea has sent a letter dated July 31, 2011 to President Obama to bring his kind attention on some urgent matters that have grave implications for peace, security and stability in Eritrea, Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa region.  Some of the topics he mentioned on his letter include Ethiopia’s hysterical campaign of unfounded accusations and fabrications to impose economic sanctions on Eritrea; Ethiopia’s threat of using military force; and the issue of Ethiopian occupation of sovereign Eritrean territories by force.

The following is the full content of the letter: Continue reading President Isaias’ July 31 Letter to President Obama

USA Becomes Food Stamp Nation

15% of the entire American population uses such coupon for survical food handouts: Reuters

By Kristina Cooke (Reuters),

Forty Six Million Americans (15% of the total population) is now surviving because of government food handouts in what has rapidly become a food stamp nation. That’s an increase of 74 % since 2007, just before the financial crisis and a deep recession led to mass job losses.

At the same time, the cost doubled to reach $68 billion in 2010 — more than a third of the amount the U.S. government received in corporate income tax last year — which means the program has started to attract the attention of some Republican lawmakers looking for ways to cut the nation’s budget deficit. Continue reading USA Becomes Food Stamp Nation