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Major General Gerezgher “Wuchu” Passed Away

The Eritrean Government and its Defense Forces today lost one of its giants.

ጅግና ኣይነብርን'ዩ ታሪኩ እዩ ዝውረስ
“ጅግና ኣይነብርን’ዩ ታሪኩ እዩ ዝውረስ” R.I.P

By TesfaNews,

Veteran fighter Major General Gerezgheri “Wuchu” Andemariam who has been under medical treatment in Asmara has passed away today at the age of 64.

The late Major General Gerezgheri “Wuchu” was the Chief of Staff of the Eritrean Defense Forces. He was active in the Eritrean Liberation Movement and involved in the independence struggle during the period of Ethiopian rule over Eritrea since 1971.

Presidential adviser Yemane Ghebreab confirmed the news and called General ‘Wuchu’ as an Eritrean legend, ardent patriot and brave commander.  Continue reading Major General Gerezgher “Wuchu” Passed Away