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Mealti Sematat – Days of Remembrance

Eritrean martyrs Remembrance day
Yesterday, our martyrs fought on the trenches for and won our independence. Today we take the battle to the streets of Geneva and inside the corridors of the UN. We must ensure these battles are executed with the fierceness and decisiveness that the martyrs fought and died for to bring independence. Remember, it is in our proud Eritrean history to accomplish victory even if the odds comes in different forms and venue.

By Bereket Kidane,

The month of June is a commemorative one on the Eritrean calendar. As soon as the worldwide Independence Day (Mealti Natsnet) parties and celebrations that start in late May and spill into June wind down, the commemorative season and days of remembrance that culminate with Eritrea’s Memorial Day (Mealti Sematat) come upon us in swift succession. Our partying, dancing and flag-waving turns into tear-jerking in memory of Eritrea’s fallen heroes. They are really the framework for the Eritrean psyche – political and national – that governs our national mood, policies and outlook. Continue reading Mealti Sematat – Days of Remembrance