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Sawa: A Guarantee for Eritrea’s National Security and Prosperity

National Service Program in Eritrea has become a rite of passage for young Eritrean youth.


For 26 years, Eritrean youth have been going to Sawa as part of their national service. In July 1994, Sawa hosted the first round of young Eritreans who were enlisted to perform their national service. Over time, Sawa has evolved to become an institution that is vital for national development. It is a school that caters to the personal development of young Eritreans and prepares them to take on tasks to fulfill their national duties as citizens. Continue reading Sawa: A Guarantee for Eritrea’s National Security and Prosperity

Agriculture Graduates Running Major Farm Projects

Adi-Omar farm project is currently being run by agricultural experts who graduated from different agricultural institutions in the country.


Over 1,600 experts in Animal Science and other fields of agriculture, who are all graduates of institutions of higher education, have been working in various agricultural fields of the Eritrean Crops and Livestock Corporation (ECLC). Continue reading Agriculture Graduates Running Major Farm Projects

Education and Human Resources Development in Eritrea (Part 2)

Linking education to human resources development is a challenge and creating an enabling environment for the linkage to be more meaningful and sustainable is equally challenging.


Further and Higher Education

This is an overarching academic and professional education and training provision leading to the award of certificates, diplomas and degrees. The Government recognizes higher education as a key level in the education system. To this end, several new Colleges, Schools (Orotta School of Medicine, Law School etc.) and the Eritrea Institute of Technology were built to offer 1st degrees (and Graduate Studies in certain cases) in various fields of vital importance to the development of the country. The existing tertiary level institutes /colleges are making steady progress although much needs to be done to expand and improve them. Continue reading Education and Human Resources Development in Eritrea (Part 2)

Youth Skills Development in Eritrea: Growth, Employment, Wellbeing

Youth in Eritrea gain skills to unlock employment opportunities in the country. A UNDP-backed vocational training is, therefore, one that helps these young people develop work skills.

By Fikrejesus Amahazion (PhD),

Recently, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) highlighted an exciting skills development program being implemented in Eritrea. Undertaken in collaboration with the National Union of Eritrean Youth and Students (NUEYS) and the Norwegian Government, the program, specifically targeting youths, was scaled-up from a pilot project that was conducted from 2007 to 2011. The skills development program, which aims to enhance the capacity of various vocational training institutions and to equip Eritrean youth with tangible work skills, is significant for several reasons. Continue reading Youth Skills Development in Eritrea: Growth, Employment, Wellbeing

Kenya Makes National Youth Service Compulsory

Under the new law, all Kenyan high school graduates are required to sign up for a two year mandatory pre-university national service 

What is good for the goose is good for the gander. Next is to emulate Eritrea’s Warsay-Yikalo plan.

By Bosire Boniface,

Kenya’s Senate has passed a law that brings back National Youth Service (NYS) conscription for high school graduates.

Under the law passed unanimously July 18th, the pre-university service will no longer be voluntary. All high school graduates will be required to sign up for the NYS, a programme that seeks to give young people vocational training, instill patriotism and empower them to help safeguard the country.

After completion of high school, there is that window period of about two years [while students wait for university admission] when the majority of the youths are idle,” said Senator Beatrice Elachi of the Alliance Party of Kenya who supports the legislation. Continue reading Kenya Makes National Youth Service Compulsory

Eritrea: Education and Training Opportunities

With in its modest capacity, Eritrean government avails everything to make sure there is no wastage in building a productive youth

By Kesete Gebrehiwet,

One’s success is not confined to one sort of profession or skill. Having failed in one field doesn’t mean everything is messed up and one’s future is ruined. Life is full of challenges coupled with opportunities. Overcoming challenges, one could make use of the opportunities life would grant no matter when and how. But, as challenge and opportunity exist in simultaneity, the more one overcomes challenges, the more the opportunities would become visible.

If opportunity happens by mere chance, only those adhered to make maximum use of it become victorious. Continue reading Eritrea: Education and Training Opportunities