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‘We Should Negotiate With Eritrea’

“The tunnel view of the human rights situation will not do justice to Eritrea.” – Hans-Ulrich Stauffer

Switzerland should negotiate with Eritrea in order to make possible voluntary return of rejected asylum seekers, said Swiss lawyer and Eritrea expert Hans-Ulrich Stauffer. (Photo: Samuel Schumacher)


The Basle lawyer and Eritrea expert Hans-Ulrich Stauffer paints a positive picture of Eritrea in his new book. He wants to “relax” the discussion, as he explains in an interview with the “Switzerland on the weekend”.

Q: Mr. Stauffer, your book is called “Eritrea – the second look”. Is Eritrea different from what we expected at first sight?

Hans-Ulrich Stauffer: Our Eritrea picture is characterized by the fact that some 35,000 Eritreans came to Switzerland as refugees. Such a great escape movement leads to questions and assumptions about the motivates. I understand that refugees present their case as dramatically as possible in order to receive asylum. Continue reading ‘We Should Negotiate With Eritrea’

Eritrean Ambassador Acknowledges Return of Eritrean Immigrants from Israel

Frustrated by the only choice of either leaving Israel or facing indefinite detention in a remote desert facility with no work, economic migrants from Eritrea have started to return home in droves.

By TesfaNews,

AS Israel has come under fierce criticism from rights groups over ‘unlawful coercion’ of Sudanese and Eritrean immigrants into returning to their home countries, Eritrean envoy to Tel Aviv, Ambassador Tesfamariam Tekest acknowledges that despite the lack of direct flights from Israel, dozens of immigrants have started to voluntarily return to Eritrea every week.

Israel regards the immigrants less as asylum seekers than economic opportunists and routinely refers them as ‘infiltrators’.  Continue reading Eritrean Ambassador Acknowledges Return of Eritrean Immigrants from Israel

Israel: If We can’t Send you Back, Your Stay Won’t be Pleasant

“Policy designed to tell Africans who cannot be sent back now that Israel will not make staying easy.”  ውጻዕ ኣይትበሎ – ከምዝወጽዕ ግበሮ

“The message we want to pass to the illegal African migrants is ‘Israel will make you frustrate and finally give up by enforcing a Closed detention, open detention and Work restriction Policies upon you”

By Yonah Jeremy Bob,

Some 2,500 African migrants left the country voluntarily in 2013, including 2,000 Eritreans and Sudanese, the state’s top legal expert on migrant policy said on Wednesday.

With the international media swarming over the protests against the government’s treatment of the more than 50,000 African migrants in the country, the state held an unusual briefing for the press with Daniel Solomon, the legal adviser for the Population and Immigration Border Authority. Continue reading Israel: If We can’t Send you Back, Your Stay Won’t be Pleasant