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Egypt’s Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi Wins Second Term

Egypt state media reports victory for Abdel Fattah el-Sisi
Egyptian state media reports victory for Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, after securing 92 percent of the election vote. (Photo: AFP)


Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has won a second term with over 92 percent of the vote, state media MENA reported on Friday.

The incumbent had only one challenger, Moussa Mustafa Moussa, who netted just only 3.1% in the three-day vote that started on March 26th. Continue reading Egypt’s Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi Wins Second Term

Susan Rice Laughed at EPRDF’s 100% Win

By C-Span,

Good afternoon, everybody. I brought a special guest to discuss with you the President’s upcoming trip to Africa. Susan Rice is the President’s National Security Advisor. She has her own extensive personal experience in dealing with policy in Africa, and she obviously will be accompanying the President on that trip… Continue reading Susan Rice Laughed at EPRDF’s 100% Win

Obama Should Stay Away From Ethiopia

Washington wants a stable partner in the Horn of Africa. But cozying up to the repressive regime in Addis Ababa isn’t the way to go about finding one. Ethiopia is not a model of democracy that should be rewarded with a presidential visit.

By Jeffery Smith and Mohammed Ademo (for Foreign Policy),

LATER this month, President Barack Obama will become the first sitting U.S. president to ever visit Ethiopia, Africa’s second-most populous country, and a nation viewed by many as a bastion of stability in a region otherwise beset with civil strife. The trip — which will also include a stopover in Kenya — is being billed as part of the Obama administration’s regional efforts “to accelerate economic growth, strengthen democratic institutions, and improve security.Continue reading Obama Should Stay Away From Ethiopia

Ethiopia: Most Hated, Most Voted!

Election in Ethiopia is getting better and better, as Wendy Sherman, U.S. Under Secretary for Political Affairs put it. In 1995 the process guaranteed 75 seats to various opposition parties, then it evolved to only ONE in 2010, until it reaches the present stage of advanced democracy with ZERO representative from the opposition. Wait! Does election means about voting who you hate the most?

By Habtamu Seyoum,

ACCORDING to late may 24 news of the shoddy, government affiliated website, Aiga forum, the Ethiopian people revolutionary democratic front had won 100% of the votes. It looks like Election 2015 is not different from its predecessors; the most hated party in the whole nation proclaimed as it is the sole winner of the popular Election. Delirium seems the intimate pal of the ruling party, madness looks like the chronic disease of EPRDF, Insanity found to be the intrinsic element of this gang.

At this moment, many may think ‘do we still need peaceful way of dealing with those larrikins?’ Continue reading Ethiopia: Most Hated, Most Voted!

What Happened to the Flawed Ethiopian Election

A week has passed since the electoral board announced the incumbent EPRDF won all the counted 80% votes by leaving its opponents empty-handed. But, what happened to the remaining 20% of the vote?

By TesfaNews,

AFTER witnessing that the May 24 elections in Ethiopia has become a subject of worldwide ridicule, the election board was told on Thursday to suspend declaring the results. By then the board had already reported results from 80 percent of the votes that all goes miraculously to the ruling EPRDF, leaving the opposition empty-handed.

A week has passed since and no more results have been made public. No specific incident has happened to warrant for such suspension or delays except that the rigged results causing too much of a surprise to the regime itself and, of course, a total embarrassment to the majority of the Ethiopian people.  Continue reading What Happened to the Flawed Ethiopian Election

Empty Boxes: The West and Ethiopia’s Elections

PARANOIA. For the ruling regime in Ethiopia, democratization is a matter of survival. In a democracy, they know they will be voted out of office in heartbeat. That fear of being overthrown is what pushed the regime to such extreme. But, when will the U.S. and the international community cease from being complicit in the betrayal of basic democracy in Ethiopia?

By Fikrejesus Amahazion (PhD),

TO NO one’s surprise, Ethiopia’s ruling party, the Ethiopian People’s Ruling Democratic Front (EPRDF), swept the country’s recent national elections. In the last election, the ruling party collected 99.6 percent of the parliamentary seats, while during these elections it has so far won all of the 442 declared seats (with little more than 100 seats yet to be confirmed). To paraphrase U.S. Under-Secretary Wendy Sherman’s widely ridiculed recent comments, Ethiopia’s democracy keeps getting “better and better.”  Continue reading Empty Boxes: The West and Ethiopia’s Elections