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Eritrea Dominates Junior, Women Road Races

Eritrea dominates African Continental Road Championship road races
After the third day of the African Continental Road Championship, Eritrea tops the medal standings with 17 medals in a total of which 9 are Gold, 3 Silver, and 5 Bronze medals.


African Cycling Giants Eritrea dominated Saturday’s junior and women road races to extend their medal triumphant at the ongoing 13th African Continental Road Championship.

The 13th Africa’s biggest annual cycling event got underway since Wednesday and will run through to February 18 in Rwanda’s capital, Kigali. Continue reading Eritrea Dominates Junior, Women Road Races

How ‘Selfish’ Yohana Dawit Nearly Shuttered African Women’s Professional Cyclists Dream

Stupid is as Stupid Does. One of the most promising Eritrean female riders and a national champion, Yohana Dawit, was not that smart after all. She was sent to the U.S. to make history – as the first Eritrean female professional rider and part of the first ever African Women’s Professional Cyclists team. By absconding in the U.S., not only she killed her cycling carrier for good, but literally shutters the future of her fellow Eritrean female riders too.

By VoxWomen.com,

Running an African team brings many challenges, something that Kimberly Coats, Team Africa Rising’s Director of Marketing and Logistics knows all too well.

In July and August, Team Africa Rising held a women’s cycling camp at the Africa Rising Cycling Centre in Rwanda. Kimberly invited women from Rwanda, Eritrea and Ethiopia all in hopes of launching the first ever all African women’s professional team. During the month of the camp, an invitation for a guest rider for the Green Mountain Stage Race came from the Amy D. Foundation racing team. Amy D. Foundation’s mission is to assist in the development of cycling for women. Inviting an African rider was a great opportunity for both organisations to be true to their missions. Continue reading How ‘Selfish’ Yohana Dawit Nearly Shuttered African Women’s Professional Cyclists Dream

Eritrea’s Riders Harbour Dreams of Tour de France

In a country where bikes are common and often older than cyclists’ parents, the hobby is fast becoming the sport of choice for young Tour de France aspirants.

By David Smith | for The Guardian,

Her four brothers are top level cyclists, but when Mosana Debesay took up the sport at 14 and wanted to pursue a professional career, her father treated her differently. “He was disturbed,” the 20-year-old recalled. “He said don’t ride, have rest, concentrate on education.”

The family lived in a village 13 miles outside Asmara, the cycling-mad capital of Eritrea. One day Debesay’s father went to the big city and saw, to his surprise, a women’s race. “After that he gave me permission,” Mosana smiled.  Continue reading Eritrea’s Riders Harbour Dreams of Tour de France