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Djibouti and The Growth of Arms Trade in the Horn of Africa

Over the past few years, Djibouti has emerged as an increasingly important hub for weapons trans-shipment to armed groups in the region

The reluctance of western and other powers to act against Djibouti’s increasing arms trafficking activities poses an existential threat to the security of the Horn of Africa and imperils ongoing efforts to end long-running conflicts in the region.


EXX Africa published a special report on the arms trade in the Horn of Africa. The trade of illegal weapons in the Horn of Africa remains highly lucrative and is comprehensively entwined with transnational terrorist groups, drug smuggling, and the conflict in nearby Yemen. Continue reading Djibouti and The Growth of Arms Trade in the Horn of Africa

Sudan’s Bashir is Playing a Dangerous Game

The attempt of the Sudanese president to engage with rival regional interests in a bid to stay in power might fail.

Worried about his two ICC arrest warrants, President Bashir has employed every trick to ensure the survival of his presidency. But his recent tactics of manipulating regional and international rivalries are actually damaging Sudan’s national interests as they are slowly turning the country into a battlefield between rival powers.


Sudan’s political crisis is sliding into a dangerous phase. Its economy is on the verge of collapse. The price of food and other basic commodities is rising by the day, worsening living conditions for ordinary Sudanese and stirring growing discontent in the country. Continue reading Sudan’s Bashir is Playing a Dangerous Game

Yemen Conflict Doesn’t Deter Ethiopian Migrants

Ethiopians continue to look outside of their “double-digit growing” country for better life

Not even the prolonged conflict and insecurity in war-torn Yemen can deter them from their search of better life.


The United Nations migration agency reports that thousands of Ethiopian migrants continue to make the perilous journey to war-torn Yemen in search of better economic opportunities despite the dangerous security conditions.

Despite the ongoing war and general insecurity in Yemen, the country remains a major transit point for thousands of migrants from the Horn of Africa. Continue reading Yemen Conflict Doesn’t Deter Ethiopian Migrants

Split in Rebel Yemeni Coalition, as Ex President Saleh Seeks Peace with Saudis

Yemen’s Ansarullah movement has accused former President Ali Abdullah Salih of staging a coup, after he said he was open to talks with Saudi Arabia.

Former Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh said on Saturday he was ready for a “new page” in relations with the Saudi-led coalition fighting in Yemen if it stopped attacks on his country. (Photo: © Khaled Abdullah / Reuters)


Amid a growing problem of malnutrition and cholera outbreaks caused by the Saudi-led war on Yemen, the two branches of the northern Yemeni government have split and are fighting one another.

Former president Ali Abdullah Saleh, who was forced to resign as a result of a year-long set of protests 2011-2012, had allied with the Houthis as a way of regaining some of his lost authority. Continue reading Split in Rebel Yemeni Coalition, as Ex President Saleh Seeks Peace with Saudis

Are Saudis Looking for Way Out of Yemen?

The war in Yemen already drains the Saudis militarily, politically and strategically. May be it’s time for the Kingdom and its allies to find a face-saving way to end the costly conflict. 

Saudi Arabia’s Vietnam? All sides of the conflict are starting to realize that after more than two years of violence, the military solution is no longer an option and they need more alternatives like a political solution because no one afford to see this conflict continue. (GETTY IMAGE)


In Geneva, Mohammad Ali Alnsour, the Chief of the UN Human Rights Office for the Middle East and North Africa not only called the conflict in Yemen a man-made catastrophe, but called it “the largest humanitarian crisis in the world as a result of combination of conflict, cholera, and food insecurity.” Continue reading Are Saudis Looking for Way Out of Yemen?

Helicopter Attack Killed 42 Somali Migrants Near Yemen’s Coast

Attack on boat near Bab al-Mandeb Strait leaves dozens of Somali refugees dead.

A boat packed with Somali migrants came under attack overnight off Yemen’s coast close to a strategic Red Sea strait. 77 survivors were pulled out of the water. (Photo: Abduljabbar Zeyad/Reuters)


Dozens of Somali refugees have been killed off the coast of Hodeidah in Yemen after a helicopter attacked the boat they were travelling in, according to the International Organization for Migration.

Joel Millman, spokesman for the Geneva-based agency, told the AFP news agency that 42 bodies had been “recovered”, after earlier reports on Friday had put the fatalities at more than 30. Continue reading Helicopter Attack Killed 42 Somali Migrants Near Yemen’s Coast