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100 Ethiopian Migrants Found Hidden in Track: Zambia Police

The untold exodus of Ethiopians
The untold exodus of Ethiopians

By Caroline Kalombe,

Police in Serenje have intercepted a truck carrying 100 prohibited immigrants of Ethiopian origin, who were hidden behind bags of dry lake sardines locally known as kapenta.

The truck, which was seized at Kanona police check point on Great North Road in Central Province, was, from Nakonde to an unknown destination within Zambia.

Police suspect the Ethiopians entered the country through Nakonde border and were assisted by Zambians who were paid to commit the illegality.

“I can confirm that we intercepted a truck carrying 100 prohibited immigrants from Ethiopia. The prohibited immigrants have been screened for Ebola, and the Immigration Department, who are working with us, have continued to screen them for other issues,” Central Province commissioner of police Lombe Kamukoshi said. Continue reading 100 Ethiopian Migrants Found Hidden in Track: Zambia Police

Eritrea’s Minerals: Blessing or Curse?

Mining is a major sector in Eritrea, but we would like to make sure that Eritrea does not become a one-sector economy“-Woldai Futur

“90% of the 1800 employees are Eritreans working willingly on above the national average salary”

By Jenny Vaughan (AFP),

BISHA, Eritrea — In a vast pit of red earth, white stone and green ponds, excavators unearth precious copper in Eritrea’s first large scale commercial mine.

In its third year of production, Bisha mine — endowed with gold, copper and zinc — is Eritrea’s first major international investment, and one that promises enormous profit for the impoverished Red Sea state.

Despite criticism by rights groups — who say large scale mining props up a hardline regime accused of a raft of abuses — authorities hope the mine will draw investment in other industries to help boost Eritrea’s otherwise struggling economy.
. Continue reading Eritrea’s Minerals: Blessing or Curse?

Bleeding Zambia Dry

Is there an African Resource Curse?

By Thomas C Mountain,

In the past decade the central African country of Zambia has exported some $30 billion of copper yet remains so deeply in debt to western banksters that it spends more in interest on Zambia’s debt that on health and education combined.

Every month for the past ten years some $250 million of Zambian copper has been sold to…Switzerland? And guess what, Switzerland which doesn’t import any real, physical copper, is one of the biggest copper buyers in the world. It’s all about the “circle jerk”, an African based company “selling” it’s metal to its own sister company in Switzerland for dirt cheap, the better to pay fewer taxes to African governments.  Continue reading Bleeding Zambia Dry

Zambia and Eritrea Share Experience in Conservation Agriculture

Zambia’s Conservation Farming technique was a success

By Capital Eritrea,

A team of agriculture experts and practitioners from Eritrea visited Zambia to learn first-hand about the successful implementation of Conservation Agriculture (CA) in the Southern Africa state. Sponsored by the COMESA Climate Change Initiative, the Eritrean delegation visited government ministries and departments, agriculture research institutions, the Zambia Conservation Farming Unit (CFU), large scale conservation agricultural, commercial farmers; as well as small and medium conservation agriculture practitioners in Zambia.  Continue reading Zambia and Eritrea Share Experience in Conservation Agriculture