The Role of High-Tech and Institutional Capacity in Socioeconomic Development of Eritrea


A workshop organized by YPFDJ in cooperation with Eritrean Professionals Network (EriPN) UK will be held at the 9th YPFDJ Euro-Conference, between 28th March and 1st April 2013.

Workshop on the Role of Technology and Institutional Capacity in Socioeconomic Development of Eritrea; March 28 – 01 April, 2013



Over the last few decades, the history of most of sub Saharan African countries has been one of struggle to either liberate themselves from internal/external conflicts or dealing with extreme poverty. Even in countries with relative peace and growing commodity industries, the desired economic success has not been registered. The main reason for this is the inability of countries to undergo structural economic transformation through industrialisation. 

This critical change for sustainable growth requires taking full advantage of modern technological advances and effective, predictable government policies.

Within this context, what are the options open to Eritrea to ensure strong and sustainable economic development? Can the booming mining industry act as a catalyst to economic transformation? What are the institutional and organisational capacity requirements?

The 9th Euro YPFDJ conference in the UK will be held under the theme of organisational development as well as professional and economic contribution to Eritrea. We hereby invite participants to submit articles and/or poster presentations on this theme. The list of topics below is an indication of the general areas of interest for submissions.

• Post-independence economic development

• Ideological values and principles
• Policies
• Sectors:

    1. Social services – Health & Education
    2. Transport & Communications infrastructure
    3. Energy & mining

• Effective development strategies
• Organisational capacity building and institutionalisation
• The role of the state and the private sector
• The impact of cutting-edge technology on social and economic transformation
• Equitable partnership in foreign direct investment
• The role of diaspora in technology transfer and industrialisation in Eritrea
• Strategic programmes for accelerated human capacity development. e.g.:

  1. Technology parks
  2. Management training & research centres
  3. High value low investment technologies (e.g. software industry)
  4. Value added manufacturing for domestic & export market

• Productivity in agro-industry and industrialisation
• Managing sustainable mining industry in Eritrea
• Investment opportunities and bottlenecks
• Industrialisation in developing countries:

  1. Opportunities, challenges and policies in the case of Eritrea

• Case Studies: Causes of success and failure of specific cases in other developing countries in areas such as;

  1. Manufacturing
  2. Investment
  3. Commodity industry
  4. Agriculture
  5. Land distribution
  6. Social development etc.

As this initiative is the first of its kind to be organised at the annual Euro YPFDJ conference, the scope of the topics proposed above is deliberately made broad.

Full Articles should not be more than 5000 words and must be accompanied by an abstract not exceeding 500 words. Abstracts and full articles should be sent to [email protected]. All submissions will be evaluated and the authors will be informed to prepare for either oral or poster presentation on the event.

Full papers will be circulated among conference participants. Submissions should be in PDF or MS Word format. All accepted papers may be published on and websites. Registration is required prior to arrival.


Submission Time Lines:

Abstracts: 27 January 2013
Full article: 28 February 2013

For more details please contact: Yonas Meressi or Musie Tesfay
Email: [email protected]