Three Anti-Peace Hooligans Found Guilty by Oakland Supreme Judge

The only entity that violates our Embassy Sovereignty was Ethiopia back in 1998. Today, they want to repeat the same through their proxy hired guns and sell outs. Enough is Enough!

By TesfaNews,

Reports from the Eritrean Community Cultural Civic Center (ECCCC) of Bay Area in Oakland indicates that the Supreme Court has finally issued the long awaited verdict on the leading three anti-peace elements as guilty.

The preceding  was followed after the ECCCC formally sued the three hooligans in a civilian court soon after they destroyed its property, under the cover of night, with out due regards to the rule of law and respect to a private property.

Though they tend to deny any wrong doings throughout the proceedings while under oath,  they couldn’t hide anymore behind their handlers skirt after a compelling evidence extracted from the center’s security cameras finally presented in their face. 

Accordingly, the three ring leaders by the name of  Solomon Assefaw, Fitsum A. Ghebreegziabher (Aka Fitsum Arefaine) and Bemnet Mesfen was found guilty for destroying private property and ordered to pay restitution to the plaintiff for the damages they have caused and all court fees associated with the case.

In a similar report, Police in Paris has issued a stern warning to a handful of anti-peace goons on 31 of January after they attempted to force themselves in to the Eritrean Embassy. The organizers, after quickly sensing the danger, vacate the area in a disgracefully fashion. Similarly, Police in Washington DC has made several arrests after a copy-cat anti-peace elements tried to occupy the Eritrean Embassy.

Meanwhile, the Eritrean Embassies around Europe and North America  have been instructed to introduce security measures and take the necessary legal action on any individual or group that tries to violate its property and sovereign representation illegally.

Another reports indicate that the Eritrean government, through its Embassies, is in the process of gathering and analyzing all available evidences, including the video footage recorded by the attackers in London, to formally bring them to justice for violating and vandalize its property in London in violation of Article 22 of the Vienna Convention that clearly calls the UK government  to shoulder its responsibility. It says,

The receiving State is under a special duty to take all appropriate steps to protect the premises of the mission against any intrusion or damage and to prevent any disturbance of the peace of the mission or impairment of its dignity.

According to UK’s Criminal Law Act 1977, under the “Trespassing on the premises of foreign missions” states that

“Any person  person guilty of an offence under this section shall be liable on summary conviction to imprisonment for a term not exceeding six months or to a fine not exceeding [F21 level 5 on the standard scale] or to both.”

Eritreans all over the world have been shocked and saddened by the level of cowardness and un Eritrean characterstics and urge the government to take the necessary measures and precautions sooner than later.