Three New Mathematical Theorems Discovered by Eritrean High School Student

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Maths Genius Saied Mohammed Ali invent Eritrea's Theorem
Maths Genius Saied Mohammed Ali receiving his Soira Award from President Afwerki


The International Journal of Mathematics Research (IJMR) has recognized and published three new mathematical theorems developed by an Eritrean high school student as new to Mathematics.

Saied Mohammed Ali, who was a student at the Warsay – Yekealo Senior Secondary School in Sawa back in 2010, was inspired to explore any possible means of converting the double and triple angle formulas that were used in trigonometry, a subject that mainly deals with angles, into side relationships. That led him to discover two new possible ways of conversion. 

Named after him, the two theorems are now published at the International Journal of Pure and Applied Science vol. 3 of 2010 as ‘Double Angle Triangle’ and ‘Triple Angle Triangle’ theorems. With the help of these new formulas, one can convert any double angle formula into a double angle theorem and a triple angle formula into a triple angle triangle theorem.

Saied said he was initially inspired by the Pythagoras theorem and its formula C2 = A2 + B2 which we used for calculating one side of a right-angle triangle through side relationships.

Nonetheless, Saied’s two new theorems are proven to be successful in solving the different mathematical problems in geometry, survey, physics, mathematics, astronomy, and navigation.

Saied again made some extra efforts to create his third theorem. The International Journal of Mathematics Research again published it as new found discovery on its Vol. 4, No.4 2012 edition [pp. 455-461]  of the journal by introducing it to the world as ‘Eritrea’s Theorem’.

By making use of this new formula, Eritrea’s Formula, it is now pretty much possible to find the other angles of a triangle based ONLY on the given hypotenuse or by multiplying the three angles of a triangle.

Explaining why he decided to name his third formula after his country, Saied said that:

“The tuition free education I am provided with in my homeland, Eritrea, is the very source for the success I have so far achieved. If it was not so, I could not reach this level of achievement.”

Young Saied Mohammed Ali has repeatedly shunned several invitations to participate at the International Science Conferences. Instead, he simply chose and currently studying medicine at the Orotta School of Medicine and Dentistry in Asmara.

Recognizing his exceptional contribution to the creative and innovative works, President Isaias Afwerki awarded him with the country’s highest Innovative and Creativity award – the Soira Award later this year.  [Outsourced from Shabait]