Tour of Blida: Mekseb Debesay Wins First Stage

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Africa’s voted top Cyclist Mekseb Debessay is looking forward to win the GC of the tour of Blida, Algeria just like what his countryman Amanuel Ghebregziaber did last year

By Algerian Press Service,

ERITREAN cyclist Mekseb Debesay won Thursday the first stage of the International Tour of Blida, the fourth event of the Grand Tour of Algeria 2015, raced between Mouzaia and Djebabra with a return to Mouzaia over a distance of 140 km.

Debesay clocked 3:35.04 ahead of Algerian Adil Barbari (GS Petroliers) and Rwandan Hadi Janvier (3:35.40). 

With this success, Eritrean Mekseb Debesay snatched the leader’s yellow jersey, the best sprinter’s red jersey and best climber’s polka dot jersey.

The white jersey of the best hopeful went to Algerian Adil Barbari.

The 2nd stage of the International Tour of Blida is scheduled for Friday between Mouzaia and Tipasa over a distance of 123.5 km.