TPLF Officials Do the ‘Perp Walk’ on the Eve of Eritrea Sanctions Lifted

News Bereket Kidane

“The arc of the moral universe is long but it bends toward justice”

TPLF officials in handcuffs and doing the perp walk
It was quite a contrast seeing TPLF officials in handcuffs and doing the perp walk, while the UNSC do the prep work to lift the TPLF engineered sanctions against Eritrea, simultaneously.


It was quite a contrast and juxtaposition of events, to say the least. It was the kind of 24-hour period that will make you say, “There is a God after all.” TPLF officials, the very ones that were hellbent on destroying sovereign Eritrea and “breaking its spinal cord” as they put it was being arrested and paraded in front of the cameras at the same time the United Nations was preparing to lift the illegal and unjust sanctions put on Eritrea.

Yes, it was quite a contrast indeed. Sovereign Eritrea still standing strong with its head unbowed while TPLF officials are heading to jail. As they say, “The arc of the moral universe is long but it bends toward justice.”

I suspect many Eritreans and Ethiopians had a feeling of schadenfreude to see TPLF officials handcuffed and doing the “perp walk.” A perp walk is short for walking the perpetrator in front of cameras, a practice used in American law enforcement to emasculate and embarrass a high-profile criminal as he is heading to jail.

If TPLF officials have more money than God, it is because they were kleptocrats and sucked the Ethiopian treasury dry for nearly three decades. In the last few days, some 65 people, a group that includes many senior TPLF officials, were arrested in Ethiopia as Prime Minister Abiy seeks to clean up government and hold former senior TPLF officials accountable for their crimes.

If misfortune befalls TPLF officials, it is the cry of Eritrean mothers. Nearly 20,000 of Eritrea’s precious sons and daughters were sacrificed because TPLF officials wanted to exorcize their inferiority complex by “breaking Eritrea’s back.” At the end of it all, Eritrea’s back is more upright than ever and its head is unbowed.

As for its economy, it is fixable.

The more consequential event of this week was the lifting of the illegal and unjust sanctions put on Eritrea to try to bring it to its knees. The lifting of the sanctions will bring much-needed investment to spur the economy and bring prosperity for the current and future generations of Eritreans.

Meanwhile, it was very satisfying to see the public humiliation of TPLF officials this week with their head hung low as they were being taken into police custody at the same time Eritrea was standing strong with its head unbowed at the United Nations.

Congratulations to all Eritreans around the world for winning the epic fight against the criminal TPLF gang.