A Thorn in the Flesh

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The people of the region want peace and stability; but what if war is the price?

TPLF Woyane is a thorn in Eritrea's flesh
TPLF Woyane regime in Ethiopia is a thorn in Eritrea’s flesh; a thorn that only grows bigger and sharper.


I hope the suggestion I am about to make below will be received by all in the concept I intend in my heart of hearts. My intentions/wishes are purely geared towards bringing about peace and stability in Eritrea specifically, and the Horn of Africa at large.

It is my profound belief that as long as the notorious Woyane regime is in place in Addis, there will not be peace in Eritrea.

Although Eritrea is a peace-loving nation and a law-abiding neighbour, Woyane has proven time and again that their intentions are based on a strategy to destabilize the Eritrean government and those of the neighbouring nations.

It is common knowledge that their plans for expansion clearly target Eritrean and other neighbouring soils. Those who spoil and support them not only gave them the green light to go on and invade Eritrea in 1998, but also went on to support them financially and militarily.

Even today, Woyane knows that they can get the same support if they want to go to war . It is not that they do not want to go to war, it is just that they know it will be their last war.

There does not seem to be any tribunal or laws on earth that will convince them to deflect from these plans. Just look at their perception of the judgement that the Hague tribunal has ruled about their land dispute with Eritrea.

Nobody wants war, but unfortunately, sometimes the price for peace and stability will ultimately only be bought by violence. TPLF Woyane, (not to be confused with the people of Ethiopia) is definitely a thorn in Eritrea’s flesh; a thorn that will only grow bigger and sharper. It is my conviction that even the majority of the Ethiopian people will breath a sigh of relief when the evil Woyane regime is no more.

Eritrea is a sovereign nation like any other nation on earth and as such enjoys full rights to defend herself and her people. To reach peace and prosperity, Woyane must go.

I hope that this article will bring about discussions on both pros and cons about my suggestions; and I further hope that these discussions/debates will eventually reach the cannels of the Eritrean government and thereby let them know what the people want. The people want peace and stability; if war is the price, …

The article above is one that I posted in its entirety in “Dehai.org” in 2003. Today, fourteen years later, the situation is pretty much the same: the Woyane has maintained a systematic atmosphere of “no war – no peace” with Eritrea.

Although Eritrea has undergone a significant degree of development in several areas, all that was achieved under the constant threat of war. Ethiopia under the Woyane leadership has also during that time concocted and orchestrated a lot of mishaps against Eritrea, like the fabrications that led to the wrongful and illegal UN sanctions against Eritrea. Eritrea has survived only through sheer determination and resilience.

There is no neighbour of Ethiopia that has gone unscathed by her trademark of interference, sabotage and derailment/destabilizing activities. Even as I write, the tension is rising at a very alarming rate between Egypt and Ethiopia about the shared water rights of the River Nile.

Ethiopia is adamant upon completing the construction of the GERD (Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam) hydro electric dam on the one hand. On the other, Egypt is even more adamant upon protecting her water security and indeed national security against the devastating consequences that damming the Nile poses.

Egypt has made her point clear that she definitely does not rule out a military option if that is what it takes to resolve the deadlock.

To fan the flames in this highly volatile disaster-in-the-making, Qatar is now pledging to support Ethiopia in her aspirations to complete the dam.

This is a very interesting development as it does not take a rocket scientist to conclude that Qatar is using this move to punish Egypt for allying with Saudi Arabia et-al against Qatar.

My point is that Egypt feels today exactly the way I felt in 2003.