UN High Level Development Group Mission Visits Eritrea

A United Nations Development Group (UNDG) delegation visit to Asmara
A United Nations Development Group (UNDG) delegation led by UNICEF’s Regional Director for Eastern and Southern Africa, Ms Gharagozloo-Pakkala has reaffirmed the UN’s commitment and support to national development endeavors in Eritrea.

By UN Eritrea,

A UNITED Nations Development Group (UNDG) delegation has reaffirmed the UN’s commitment and support to national development endeavors in Eritrea.

The delegation was led by UNICEF’s Regional Director for Eastern and Southern Africa, Ms Gharagozloo-Pakkala.

“The UN continues its commitment to partnerships and cooperation,” said Ms Gharagozloo-Pakkala.  “We remain results focused and hope to continue to add value in supporting the Government and people of Eritrea.”

Ms Gharagozloo-Pakkala was accompanied by Mr. Ashraf El Nour, Regional Director of the International Organisation for Migration (IOM). They met with high-level officials of the Government of the State of Eritrea (GoSE), communities, civil society and development partners to discuss issues related to development cooperation in the country. The talks focused on the expansion of development work as well as conducive conditions for programme collaboration.

Ms Gharagozloo-Pakkala commended the Government and people of Eritrea, and all the partners involved, for the progress in achieving health Millennium Development Goals (MDG) in the country. She encouraged the Government and people of Eritrea to build on gains already made, and to use the experiences in health MDGs to help shape the Post-2015 development agenda.

“The world, and particularly Africa, needs your voice in defining its position in the next development agenda,” she said.

The high level meetings – which aimed to follow-up and build on the last UN Development Group High Level Mission to Eritrea in December, 2013 – sought to further the relationship between the Government of Eritrea, the UN and other development partners.

Commenting on progress so far, Ms Gharagozloo-Pakkala said:

“I am pleased to note that since the last mission in December 2013, the momentum has continued and grown further. The task is to remain focussed on achieving the goals of our strategic cooperation framework.”

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UN Delegation Holds Meetings with Eritrean Officials

By Shabait,

A UN delegation headed  by Ms. Gharagozloo-Pakkala, UNICEF Regional Director and Eritrea Focal Point, UNDG-East and Southern Africa, and  accompanied by Mr. Ashraf El Nour, International Organization for  Migration,  Regional Director for East and the Horn of Africa, here on a working visit held meetings with a number of Eritrean officials.

In the course of a meeting with Foreign Minister Osman Saleh today, the group received briefings on the objective situation in Eritrea. Mr. Osman Saleh informed delegation that Eritrea had put up effective staunch resistance against external conspiracies. Still, the UN needs to live up to its responsibility of ensuring the implementation of the final and binding resolution of the Eritrea-Ethiopia Boundary Commission’s ruling on Border Delimitation, Foreign Minister Osman underscored.

Similarly, Dr. Gergis Teklemichael, Minister of National Development, explained to the group Eritrea’s development achievements in the wake of liberation and that the nation attaches vital significance to collaboration on the part of partners to this end.

In the same vein, the delegation received briefings by Ms. Amina Nur-husein, Minister of Health, and Mr. Kahsai Gebrehiwet, Minister of Labor and Human Welfare, on the progress in both sectors, in addition to prospects of cooperation thereof.

Moreover, the delegation received briefings by Mr. Tesfai Gebreselasie, Minister of Land, Water and Environment, regarding the nation’s polices pertaining to environmental conservation and land management. Besides, Mr. Tesfai and the UN group discussed possible cooperation on combating desertification.

Sill more, the delegation held discussion with Finance Minister Berhane Habtemariam.

Also in a meeting on Sunday at Asmara Palace Hotel with Mr. Yemane Gebremeskel, Director of the President’s Office, discussions were conducted on Eritrea’s development programs and achievements, as well as possible enhancement of cooperation in this domain.

Also in meetings with heads of both the NUEYS and the NUEW, the delegation was briefed on the objectives and achievements of the Unions, in addition to discussing possible partnership cooperation with them.

In another respect, the UN delegation today observed UN-assisted development projects in the villages of Lamza, Merhano and Adi-Ke in the Central region, during which it received briefings by experts.